Florida Congressional Candidate Anthony Sabatini Calls for 10-Year Immigration Moratorium 

With the southern border collapsing, one has to wonder where America’s political leadership is at a time when the country desperately needs a firm response to an existential matter.

Both parties, whether it’s Democrats (who desire cheap votes) and Republicans (who desire cheap labor), firmly support mass migration. 

Though the latter is watching a new faction emerge to challenge this status quo. Florida State Representative Anthony Sabatini, who is now running for Florida’s 7th Congressional district, wants to be at the vanguard of a new national populist movement within the Republican Party.

The way he’s setting the tone for this insurgent movement by calling for an immigration moratorium, i.e. net zero migration.

In a tweet that Sabatini posted on April 29, 2022, he exclaimed,”TEN YEAR IMMIGRATION MORATORIUM MUST BE A PRIORITY OF THE NEXT CONGRESS”

An immigration moratorium is what immigration patriot websites like VDARE have long championed for. It’s the most pragmatic way to address an existential matter of national identity and prevent the US from entering the methadone clinic of multiculturalism. 

Other elected officials such as Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar and Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene have answered the call by supporting immigration moratorium legislation. If elected, Sabatini would be joining them in this crusade to preserve America’s national identity. 

Make no mistake about it: Mass migration is a political project. Democrats have picked up on multiple decades of voting trends among migrants and recognize that this process is one of the simplest ways for them to achieve electoral hegemony. 

Liberty conservatives can stop Democrats’ plot to “elect a new people”. The easiest way to do so is by supporting elected officials and candidates who sponsor immigration moratorium legislation.