Florida Man Matt Gaetz Smacks Down Robert Mueller

Liberty Conservative congressman Matt Gaetz put former special counsel Robert Mueller on the hot seat this Wednesday, July 24, 2019.

Gaetz did so to expose Muller’s political bias throughout the dubious Russia Probe. The Florida congressman accused Mueller of playing softball with Democrats who told him lies. On the other hand, Mueller turned up the heat on Republicans and Trump allies.

Referencing the anti-Trump Steele Dossier author Christopher Steele, Gaetz asked “So it’s not your purview to look into whether or not Steele’s lying.”

Gaetz pressed on, telling Mueller “It’s not your purview to look into whether or not anti-Trump Russians are looking into Steele. And, it’s not your purview to look into whether or not Glenn Simpson was meeting with the Russians…?”

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In this case, Gaetz was referring to the founder of Fusion GPS, Glenn Simpson. Fusion GPS was the firm that the Clinton campaign hired to find “dirt” on Trump during the 2016 campaign. The Florida representative did not relent in his questioning.  He later asked, “Can you state with confidence that the Steele dossier was not part of Russia’s disinformation campaign?”

Muller then responded, “That part of the building of the case predated me.” However, Gaetz was not having it. He countered by stating that “Manafort’s alleged crimes… predated you”, referring to former Trump campaign official Paul Manafort. Gaetz added, “You had no problem charging them.”

This Russia hoax has been a part of the Democrat’s obstructionist strategy to try to loop President Trump into an alleged conspiracy with Russia to get him elected. Despite intense media coverage and Democrats screaming for further investigations on the matter, Trump was cleared of any “collusion” activity.

Gaetz has been one of the leading figures in disrupting the Russia witch hunt that D.C.’s political class has launched against President Trump.

Other liberty conservatives have echoed Gaetz’s sentiments and have put Mueller on blast. Senator Rand Paul declared, “Mueller needs to go back to law school. In America’s judicial system, no prosecutors ever, ever conclude innocence. They only decide guilt. Americans are presumed innocent if not found guilty!”



Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie approved of Gaetz’s smackdown of Mueller, describing Gaetz’s questions as “Great.”

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