FreshandFit Podcast Hosts are Facing a Two Minutes Hate Campaign for Holding Their Ground Against an Entitled Guest

Earlier this month, drama kicked off on the FreshandFit podcast when the show’s host had a hostile exchange with one of the guests, Asian Doll.

The guest showed up late to the show in the middle of a heated debate that saw other guests interrupt or have sidebar discussions that disrupted the flow of the show. 

The host of the show, Myron Gaines, explicitly told his guests to stop sidebar conversations that messed with the show’s flow.

Not aware of the full context of the debate, which centered on what women look for in a man at the club , Asian Doll proceeded to say that Gaines is “mean” simply for setting standards for his show. 

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Gaines stood his ground and reiterated that his show has standards that all guests have to follow.

Asian Doll said “I don’t give a f*uck” about Gaines’ standards for the show.

Asian Doll ended up walking off the podcast after the back and forth with Gaines.

This incident went viral, and soon major influencers began to share their perspective on FreshandFit. 

Former rapper and podcaster Joe Budden had choice words for Myron Gaines and his co-host Fresh.

Budden used the outrage that ensued the Asian Doll incident to sharply criticize the hosts of the FreshandFit podcast. The former rapper specifically criticized the two hosts’ dating preferences. 

Joe Budden wrote:

Currently, I usually don’t” repost another pod. ” Because 1. I don’t, 2. Some aren’t worth highlighting, with the exception of today. I don’t know these two Doofs, but they can’t do this. It’s too ignorant, inexperienced, unstable, fragile, and weak to hide this old gimmick through. All black women are especially beautiful! All kinds of beautiful, so to hear this? !! ?? From them? !! ?? Lol It’s laughable .. but it’s not.

That doesn’t mean “everything doesn’t date black women.” Black women don’t date everything (I can say), so you embrace this hatred and base your opinion as if you were out long enough to know you Himself … and you’re angry about it, just not so angry that you don’t use them.

These idiots know that most podcasts can’t get off the ground or gain traction without the love and hate of black women. Both serve as fuel. This is just a cheap and tasteless excitement on payday. Words don’t match actions, if you hate them, do it without them. Skip the topic. Don’t have them as guests (you obviously don’t know how to host them). Don’t offer combos for them. Say no to all dollars / views / likes / downloads / subscriptions generated directly or indirectly by them, and I believe you. This is (especially) pure laziness. If you can’t find an interesting / creative way to be inclusive or discuss dating, then go back to the drafting board. I skip the lecture on self-loathing, and I’m glad they find it very easy to make.

And finally, yes … we love “Shaniqua” and “Buquiesha” (La Kanya is my personal favorite) You can see why I hate friend with a mic !!! Smh 

Since this incident kicked off, both hosts of the show have taken significant heat across social media. 

The FreshandFit Podcast is dedicated to helping men get better with dating, fitness, social media, and finances. They have shows that are exclusively dedicated towards personal development. In addition, they have late-night shows where they bring in females and notable figures to have frank discussions on gender relations. 

The hosts — Myron Gaines and Walter Weekes (Fresh) — are known for voicing politically incorrect views about the respective roles of the sexes and are not afraid to call out antisocial behavior on both sides of the aisle. They’re ultimately about promoting self-improvement in a chaotic world where social norms are being inverted and many individuals live in deracinated environments devoid of any meaning.

For simply expressing their own dating preferences, which is part and parcel of the freedom of association, FreshandFit are facing their very own cancellation campaign.

Events like these show how degraded American culture has become. Virtual lynch mobs can be activated against content creators simply for expressing unconventional opinions. Obviously, the Right will need to be victorious in traditional political spaces. But it will also need to protect the general culture from the Left’s constant infiltration and subversion. Getting all of our bases covered is critical to preventing leftist hegemony.