German President Gushes Over the Country’s Mass Migration Policies

Frank-Walter Steinmeir, the president of Germany heaped praise on immigrants on September 10, 2021 for helping build up Germany’s economy and society 

This announcement was not done randomly. It landed on the 60th anniversary of the day Germany approved a migration deal with Turkey that allowed  thousands of Turkish nationals to enter the country as gastarbeiters (guest workers). At the time, the move was justified to address Germany’s demographic problems following World War II, in which it lost millions of able-bodied men and its economy was in shambles.

According to Deutsche Welle, there are 2.7 million people of Turkish origin in Germany. Turks are the largest non-German ethnic minority group in Germany. 

“The people who came back then, the so-called ‘guest workers’: They, their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, they are now Germany,” Steinmeier declared in a speech he gave before a crowd of immigrants at the Bellevue Palace in Berlin. “A Germany without them is simply unimaginable.” 

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Steinmeier argues that the  German “economic miracle” would not have taken place without Greeks, Italians, Spaniards, and Turkish participating in the economy. 

“Being German today can mean having grandparents from Cologne or Königsberg as well as from Istanbul and Diyarbakir,” the German president remarked, pointing to German and Turkish cities. Steinmeier claims German identity now consists “all those who want to live peacefully in this land of law and freedom.” 

The obsession with mass migration is a universal trend in the West. Authors like Paul Gottfried have written extensively of Europe’s pathological obsession with immigration. Germany is among the most devoted countries when it comes to importing hostile populations from aboard.

Some Germans believe that they have to completely surrender their identities because of the actions of some mustached madman nearly a century ago. This is patently absurd. Before World War II Germany was a civilized society with robust economic growth and an illustrious high culture. All nations have their low points, but that does not mean their history and national story should be erased by radical iconoclasts.

Restricted immigration makes sense for countries in certain circumstances, but the uncontrolled immigration that outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel signed off on in 2015 can create devastating socio-economic consequences.

Hopefully, Germans come to their senses and rethink the current ruling class’s mass migration fetish.  

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