Grandmother Punished with Jail Time for Carrying Non-Psychoactive CBD Oil in Dallas Airport

A 71-year-old grandmother received a painful lesson in what happens to an individual when they use medicine that isn’t approved by Big Government and Big Pharma at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport recently.

Artist Lena Bartula, who now lives in Mexico but is a native of the Fort Worth, stopped at the airport during a layover on her way to Oregon, and the next thing she knew she was in handcuffs.

“I think I almost laughed out loud, because I thought that couldn’t really be,” Bartula told NBC 5 Investigates.

That laughter turned into tears as she was whisked away by law enforcement for possessing cannabidiol (CBD) oil in her bag. CBDs are the non-psychoative ingredient found in the cannabis plant. She uses it for pain relief, and the state made her pay a price for it.

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“I slept on the floor, my head next to the toilet,” she said about her treatment in the DFW Airport Jail.

It got worse for her from there. She was shackled and taken Tarrant County Jail in Fort Worth where she was formally issued a felony drug charge.

“I had no idea what would happen to me,” Bartula said.

Cleatus Hunt Jr. works as the area port director for the U.S. Customs and Border Protection at DFW. He confirmed that instead of looking for real threats like terrorism or human trafficking, his agency is devoting precious taxpayer-funded resources toward interdicting a non-toxic substance that can’t even get a user high.

“In the last six months, the interception rate for that has skyrocketed,” Hunt said.

Hunt and his minions are still prosecuting individuals for possessing CBD oil despite the fact that it was officially legalized in the farm bill passed last December. Even the TSA officially allows CBD oil to be carried onto flights now in certain situations.

A grand jury ultimately dropped the case, and Bartula will not face charges. Nevertheless, Hunt will continue to punish individuals if he finds even a trace amount of THC in a substance carried by a passenger.

“So one single incident, one single small amount of CBD oil that you thought was cool to take on a trip with you, could result in life-changing affects for you,” he said.

While many states are exerting their sovereignty to legalize marijuana to various degrees, the feds will continue to use their authority to punish Americans as long as they have an excuse to do so.

This is why it is important to end the federal war on drugs nationally before more lives are burdened and destroyed by heavy-handed federal bureaucrats.

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