Greek Member of Parliament defends Visegrad Four Countries for the Immigration Policies of Restriction

Greek Member of the European Parliament Emmanouil Fragkos praised the Visegrad Four countries — Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia — for their tough stances on immigration. He believes that the European Commission’s actions are detrimental to the interests of Greek citizens.

Fragkos is a member of the European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR).

During an interview for Polish Catholic Radio Martha, Frankish explained that it is impossible for the Greek state to grant asylum to every illegal alien and allow them to live on Greek and European soil.

Fragkos asserted that Greece’s globalist government led by Kyriakos Mitsotakis has been ineffective at battling mass migration and has flinched at the idea of confronting the European Commission over its negligent immigration policies.

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“The only countries that conduct good migration policy are the Visegrad Four. Poland and Hungary are acting correctly, although they are attacked by the European Commission for doing so,” Fragkos declared.

Fragkos is of the view that Europe is facing another migration crisis. He likened the current crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border with the current crisis between Greece and Turkey. Turkish president Recep Tayipp Erdogan has weaponized migrants on multiple occasions by dumping them on Greece to pressure the country and extort the European Commission into giving it more funds. Belarus is dumping migrants on Baltic states for similar purposes.

“Nevertheless, Poland’s government is protecting its citizens. If Greece was conducting a policy similar to Poland, it would not have to fear any wave of migrants. Unfortunately, that is not the case, and Poland is in a much better situation thanks to its government’s actions,” Fragkos declared.

The Greek MEP is of the belief that as long as the European Commission is led by globalist ideologues, EU member nations who comply with the Commission’s prescriptions will have constant problems with mass migration.

Fragkos recommended that the Commission tighten up its borders and explicitly announce to all migrants that they will not be allowed to enter Europe.

“If we stop the initial attempts and send them back home, we will give them a clear signal that it is not worth it to make attempts, as they have no chance of remaining in Europe,” Fragkos commented.

The struggles the US is currently facing with mass migration have parallels with the Old Continent. With the exception of Eastern Europe, the West’s ruling elites are plagued by the mind virus of multiculturalism. Many members of the West’s decadent ruling class are satisfied with abolishing their respective countries’ historic identities and ushering in a post-national political order stripped of its foundational culture.

If the West is to survive as a cohesive civilization, it will need more statesmen like Emmanouil Fragkos to step forward and resist the globalist ruling class’s attempts to re-engineer Western society. We’re at the point where meek leadership will simply not cut it in these trying times.

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