Gun-Grabbing Orgs are Infiltrating PTA Meetings

On the National Rifle Association’s America’s First Freedom, Julie Gunlock recounted how she received an invitation to attend a “safety forum” at her public school district.

She noted that “It wasn’t going to cover the variety of health-and-safety issues relevant to kids today—opioid abuse, underage drinking, reckless driving, online bullying, physical violence and sexual assault or harassment. Instead, the entire safety forum would focus on one issue: guns.”

Gunlock highlighted some of the people present at the event:

Speakers were to include a representative from the national PTA, the district’s superintendent, a school-safety officer, a mental-health specialist, the city’s police chief and an ‘early childhood advocate’ and Be SMART program representative who would speak about gun safety and storage.

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She described this event as “pure political advocacy meant to push the anti-firearms narrative and scare parents about those in the community who own and store guns in their homes.”

Gunlock recognized that the “Be SMART organization was an appendage of Moms Demand Action and Everytown For Gun Safety—the two leading radical anti-gun advocacy groups in the United States, all funded by former New York Mayor, failed presidential candidate and hater of individuals’ choice to consume sugar or salt, Michael Bloomberg.”

Gunlock understands what organizations like Moms Demand Action and Everytown for Gun Safety have in mind with their political activism: “To rid America of all guns and to change the culture in America so that gun owners are marginalized, ostracized and eventually criminalized.”

In addition, she believes that “Moms Demand are using a safety program to name-and-shame those who privately and legally own firearms.”

She concluded by noting that “moms should be disgusted that they’re being used for these purposes.”

What Gunlock faced is part of the Left’s over-arching strategy to dominate all spheres of life

Everything is fair game now, which is why right wingers must be ready to fight back in all public spaces.

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