Hawaii Passes Red Flag Gun Confiscation Law

Hawaii Governor David Ige just signed a red flag gun confiscation law on July 3, 2019.

Under this law, family members, co-workers or police can petition a judge to confiscate an individuals’ firearms if they allegedly pose a threat to themselves or others.

This bill, Act 150, puts Hawaii along with 16 other states and Washington D.C. as jurisdictions with “red flag” laws on the books.

Gun control organization Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America described the latest push for red flag laws as part of a national “sea change on gun safety.”

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The Hawaii Rifle Association President Harvey Gerwig claims that Hawaii’s red flag law is unconstitutional and that there is no evidence red flag laws prevent mass shootings.

Gerwig said, “It’s completely unconstitutional. t completely violates the constitutional rights for due process — they’re just gone — because they can come and confiscate your property without any due process, zero due process.”

The HRA president was not aware if other states had challenged red flag laws but stated “that potential is there. We haven’t made that actual decision.”

Hawaii is a low-hanging fruit the gun control crowd, when considering that it is ranked 48th  according to Guns & Ammo magazine for most pro-gun states in the country.

On top of that, BLP reported on Hawaii trying to pass a resolution that would call on Congress to repeal the Second Amendment.

Hawaii is a lock for whatever radical gun control policy that becomes in vogue these days.