Here’s How Thomas Massie Demonstrates the Depravity of the Biden Regime 

America is currently experiencing a significant shortage in baby formula in large part due to supply chain disruptions the government has created in response to the Wuhan virus pandemic. Now, Americans are witnessing firsthand what it’s like to be living in a polity where economic stagnation is the norm. 

To add insult to injury, America’s political leadership is more concerned with waging a proxy war with Russia as opposed to addressing a very real economic concern in the United States.

But guess what the geniuses in the US House decided to sign off on May 10, 2022? A $40 billion military and economic aid package for Ukraine. 

Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie nailed it in a tweet he posted earlier this week: 

“Biden is more concerned with sending billions of $ to Ukraine than he is about baby formula shortages here in the United States.”

Inflation is also raging across the American economy, another economic development generated by misguided economic policies. Loose money in this case.

It’s time to recognize who the real enemies of the Historic American Nation are. Here’s a hint: They reside in Washington, D.C. 

The political class in the DC Swamp constitutes more of an existential threat to the US than any of the rising powers such as China and Russia do. This is an uncomfortable fact many conservatives refuse to acknowledge.

America already has so many domestic problems that its own political class has created. The last thing we should do is to get involved in a military confrontation with a nuclear power.