Holocaust Museum Gives Prestigious Award to Al Queda-Linked Terror Group

Exterior of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Washington Monument in the background has scaffolding to repair damage of August 23 2011 earthquake.

The Holocaust Museum, a supposedly non-partisan group devoted to the remembrance of anti-Semitic murders committed by Nazi Germany, has honored the White Helmets group with their prestigious Elie Wiesel Prize.

The only problem with this display is the White Helmets are a known Al Queda front group that has worked to overthrow the legitimate Bashar al-Assad regime in Syria for many years.

While the U.S. corporate media has pushed a pack of lies to promote the White Helmets and their regime change agenda, the independent media has documented the ties between the so-called humanitarian organization and Islamic terrorists.

Photographic evidence has emerged showing a White Helmet compound littered with the logos and propaganda of the radically Islamic Al Nusra front. Furthermore, an Al-Jazeera documentary on the White Helmets blatantly showed an Al Queda flag hanging proudly at a White Helmets compound.

BBC Syria producer Riam Dalati admitted that Syrian chemical attacks, attributed to the Syrian government by the Western corporate media, were very obviously faked. The White Helmets were responsible for pushing this lie to the world and likely staged the hoax.

The BBC journo would later have to delete the Tweet, but it was archived:

Whistle-blowers have emerged to confirm the independent media reports that the White Helmets are a sleeper cell to agitate for war on behalf of radical Islam:

So why is the Holocaust Memorial honoring this White Helmets group? Why is this supposedly non-partisan organization promoting a terror cell pushing for U.S. foreign intervention?

It is because they are not non-partisan at all. The Holocaust Museum and many similar organizations are hyper-partisan activist groups standing against right-wing causes and President Trump.

The Holocaust Museum has advocated for more third-world migrants to be dumped into the United States at great expense to the taxpayer.

Here is an excerpt from an e-mail they wrote to their supporters shortly after Trump was elected:

The Museum continues to have grave concern about the global refugee crisis and our response to it. During the 1930s and 1940s, the United States, along with the rest of the world, generally refused to admit Jewish refugees from Nazism due to antisemitic and xenophobic attitudes, harsh economic conditions, and national security fears.

In our view, there are many legitimate refugees fleeing the Assad regime’s sustained campaign of crimes against humanity and the genocidal acts perpetrated by ISIS against the Yazidis, Christians, and other religious minorities. American policy should fully address national security concerns while protecting legitimate refugees whatever their national or religious identity.

Similarly, the Anne Frank Center showed its true colors after the election of President Trump. This is another leftist advocacy group operating under the guise of a supposedly non-partisan front for holocaust remembrance.

Sadly, Trump has recently doubled funding to the White Helmets after constant agitation from pressure groups such as these that exploit the memory of the Holocaust for their own partisan, political ends.