House Freedom Caucus Leader Criticizes DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for Not being Able to Define “Domestic Terrorism

Politics in the United States has reached a point where it’s turning into a winner-take-all game that involves one side working to fully dispossess their opposition. 

One way political elites do so is by distorting certain terms and using them in a way to pigeonhole opposition into a controversial category that is subject to social ostracization and even outright persecution. 

According to a Fox News report, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro is now catching flak for his inability to identify a single case of domestic terrorism “that his department has referred to the Department of Justice for prosecution has outraged Republicans.” In addition to this criticism of Mayorkas, Republicans are now calling for Mayorkas to resign or be impeached.

While giving a testimony in front of the House Judiciary Committee on April 28, 2022, Mayorkas stressed that “domestic violent extremism represents the greatest terrorism-related threat to the homeland.”  

According to the Fox News report, Republican critics of the Biden regime have accused it of exaggerating or even fabricating the purported threat of domestic terrorism as a way to divert attention from the veritable collapse of the southern border. Border crossings have currently reached historically high figures.

In FY 2021, there were over 1.7 million migrant encounters and FY 2022 is expected to surpass those numbers. The first six months of FY 2022 are expected to have over 1 million encounters “Democrats are absolutely gaslighting the American people,” declared Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert, when talking about Mayorkas’ domestic terrorism policies. “I do not believe that is the biggest threat to our homeland. Our biggest threat is the southern border and the invasion that is taking place.” 

House Freedom Caucus Chairman Scott Perry, who represents the 10th district of Pennsylvania, took Mayorkas to task for obsessing over American citizens, who are largely law-abiding, as opposed to “criminals and potential terrorists” making away across the southern border.

“His goal is to stigmatize Democrat political opponents by accusing them of being domestic terrorists but couldn’t name a single prosecution referral made to the Justice Department,” Perry said to Fox News Digital. “He should be securing our nation from the invasion on our southern border and protecting Americans, instead of acting as the handmaiden for the messaging machine of the radical left.”

The arbitrary definitions of what constitutes a domestic extremist are very loose and serve a political purpose of lumping otherwise peaceful individuals with violent individuals who are generally met with the full force of the law. The Democrats know this and continue to double down on this strategy because political power at all costs is their goal. 

If it means subjecting millions of Americans to the disastrous results of mass migration and tyrannizing otherwise lawful individuals with domestic terror legislation, the Left and their Democratic allies are more than willing to tear the nation apart irrespective of the social cost.

We’re entering politics in its purest Schmittian form, where friend/enemy distinctions are crystallizing across the board. Republicans must recognize this if they want to stay politically relevant.