House Passes Domestic Terrorism Bill in the Wake of Buffalo Massacre

Earlier this week, the United States House passed a bill that would aim to establish domestic terrorism offices across the U.S. government. This legislative move came days following a deranged gunman killing 10 people in Buffalo, New York on May 14, 2022.

President Joe Biden labeled this incident as an act of “domestic terrorism.”

The Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act was passed on largely partisan lines on May 18, 2022. It received a 222-203 vote, with Illinois Congressman Adam Kinzinger being the sole Republican voting for this legislation. Four Republicans did not participate in this vote.

Specifically, this legislation pushed for the creation of domestic terrorism office within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Department of Justice (DOJ) and FBI that would focus on surveilling potential terrorist activity.

Texas Congressman Chip Roy was one of the loudest opponents of this bill. He believes that this bill is all about the “empowerment of the federal bureaucracy to target Americans.”

“This is nothing more than empowering the federal government to police thought and speech in the United States of America, and we should oppose it roundly,” Roy continued.

Domestic “terrorism” and “extremism” are buzzwords the political establishment use to justify power grabs. The recent mass shooting allows the political establishment to kill two birds with one stone by attacking the Second Amendment and individuals who peacefully raise valid questions about demographics and mass migration.

Atrocities of this kind are invariably exploited by demagogic politicians who want to seize power and lord over peaceful individuals’ activities. Any time these types of horrific incidents take place, liberty conservatives must be ready to stand up and oppose the inevitable calls for more government control.

Crisis is the lifeblood of government expansion, which requires constant vigilance on our part to prevent further infringements on our liberties.