Ilhan Omar is Drinking Neocon Kool-Aid on Syria

Is Ilhan Omar falling for the Deep State’s regime change propaganda in Syria?

On March 15, 2019, Congresswoman Ilhan Omar tweeted her support for the people of Syria revolting against the government of Bashar al-Assad:

The people of Syria revolted against Assad’s repressive dictatorship 8 years ago today, demanding a more just and free government. Peace loving people around the world stand in solidarity with them in this struggle!

This is a rather ironic considering that Omar gained notoriety for taking notable neocon Elliot Abrams to task for his role in facilitating repression in Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras. Abrams was also involved in Nicaragua and worked with Iran to arm U.S.-backed rebels in Nicaragua, during the infamous Iran-Contra scandal. Abrams was also one of the architects of the Iraq War.

Omar, whose politics are reprehensible across the board, was correct in grilling Abrams for his role in these conflicts. However, her latest Twitter remarks just prove the old saying that a broken clock is right twice a day.

It is disappointing that a politician who roasted a seasoned neocon like Elliot Abrams, has now bought into regime change rhetoric in Syria. However, there might be more to the story than meets the eye.

Under Bashar Al-Assad’s regime, Syria is one of the last secular states in the Middle East, where the ruling class has had to juggle ruling over Christians, a Sunni majority, and other ethnic groups such as Kurds and Armenians.

Neocons in their zeal to try to re-shape the world, want regime change in the country at all costs. During the Obama administration, a U.S.-led coalition actually armed Syrian rebels affiliated with Al-Qaeda and ISIS to wage war on Assad. The U.S. government has in effect become an unexpected ally with Islamic extremism in their quest to destabilize Syria.

Congresswoman Omar has numerous ties with Islamists such as Linda Sarsour and Imam Siraj Wahhaj. So, it’s no surprise why she would express her support for the rebels rising up against Assad’s regime. In the event that Assad’s regime is toppled, it’s very likely that Syria will be in firmly Islamic hands.

Omar, who espouses several principles of Sharia law, would like nothing more than to see another Islamic state established in the Middle East. Despite disagreements on past campaigns in Latin America, Omar and the neocons’ interests will ironically coincide in the case of Syria. The military-industrial complex sure has a way of creating strange bedfellows.