IMF Admits They ‘Printed Too Much Money’ and ‘Didn’t Think of Unintended Consequences’

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has admitted they “printed too much money” and “didn’t think of unintended consequences,” saying there is no holding back the tidal wave of inflation that is now a certainty.

“I think we are not paying sufficient attention to the law of unintended consequences. We take decisions with an objective in mind and rarely think through what may happen that is not our objective. And then we wrestle with the impact of it,” said Kristalina Georgieva, who serves as director of the board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

“Take any decision that is a massive decision, like the decision that we need to spend to support the economy. At that time, we did recognize that maybe too much money in circulation and too few goods, but didn’t really quite think through the consequence in a way that upfront would have informed better what we do,” she continued.

“I subscribe entirely to what Christine [LaGarde, the president of the European Central Bank] said about climate shocks. We are already out of time. And the fact that whenever something hits us, we forget about these other crises is incredibly troubling,” Georgieva added.

Perhaps the IMF should not have this great power to destroy economies by printing drastic sums of money due to their lack of prudence and foresight.

“We act sometimes like eight years old playing soccer. Here is the ball, we are all at the ball. And we don’t cover the rest of the field,” Georgieva said.

“Our ability to deal with more than one crisis at one time is very, very limited. and we have to zero in on the really big things that could determine the future and keep our attention on them,” she added.

Georgieva’s comments during her CNBC appearance last week can be viewed here:

Liberty Conservative News has reported on inflation in the United States reaching a 40-year high due to extreme money printing policies of the central banking elite:

No one can ignore the inflationary scourge sweeping across America. 

Even the Biden regime has been compelled to admit it. However, on the explanatory end, the Biden administration has attributed the inflationary crisis in America to Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Unsurprisingly, Democrats, who are on the ropes politically, are using the “Putin Price Hike” talking point to divert attention away from their misguided economic policies that have brought the US to this sensitive point in its economic history. They’re projected to take a beat down in the midterms and they’re to find a convenient scapegoat to score a political win. 

RT highlighted the level of inflationary madness taking place in America. On April 12, 2022, the US Labor Department revealed that the consumer price index increased 8.5% in March over the course of a year. This increase represented the most pronounced year-over-year increase since 1981. The Labor Department report contended that the ongoing supply-chain shocks, rising demand, and soaring energy prices have largely contributed to the present bout of inflation. 

Per statistics, the monthly increase was 1.2%, which was the most rapid increase since September 2005 and a stark acceleration from February’s 0.8% uptick.

The IMF knew all along what the consequences from reckless money printing would be. It is part of their plan to consolidate control.