Jimmy Dore Insinuates that the Young Turks are in Bed with the CIA

Is the progressive Left experiencing a major fissure?

Political commentator Jimmy Dore recently insinuated that the progressive commentary show The Young Turks is potentially in bed with the CIA.

Although Dore left The Young Turks in 2019 on ostensibly good terms, he has been beefing with his former place of employment. The cause of this ongoing dispute stems from allegations of Dore making sexually derogatory comments towards TYT host Ana Kasparian when he was previously employed at the media company.

Dore has not taken these accusations lightly and is now arguing that TYT is likely in bed with many establishment political figures. 

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Apparently, Jeffrey Katzenberg, film producer and media proprietor, is a prominent donor to TYT. In August 2017, Katzenberg was reported to have cut a fat check of $20 million to the media organization. 

After news of Dore’s beef with his former employer began to make its rounds on social media, Dore’s supporters came to his defense. One Twitter user by the name of Primo Radical, claimed that Katzenberg has close ties with the CIA.

“Fun fact for the day:

TYT-owner Jeffrey Katzenberg is pals with former CIA official Henry Crumpton.

Among other high-level positions, Crumpton was also head of the CIA’s National Resource Division — a domestic intel operation that is tasked with turning people into CIA assets.”

Dore noted that TYT has recently toed the CIA line on issues like smearing dissident Julian Assange, Russia, Syria, and Venezuela. 

Indeed, Uyghur is no principled champion of globalist American hegemony like genuine progressives such as Jimmy Dore or Glenn Greenwald. His media outlet has bought into the foreign policy blob’s perspective on Syrian leader Bashar Al-Assad’s recent elections.  

Uygur’s Turkish background very likely explains his reluctance to take on a fully non-interventionist/anti-globalist American empire position in Syria. After all, Turkey, a strategic partner of the US,  is currently intervening in Syria and trying to carve out its very own sphere of influence in northeastern part of the country. This is part of Turkey’s neo-Ottoman foreign policy where it tries to gradually recover territories that were once part of the defunct Ottoman Empire.

Dore’s alleged personal conduct cannot diminish the yeoman’s work he has done to expose the warfare state from a progressive perspective. Genuine progressives who hate the globalist American regime’s foreign policy excursions are very much welcome in any populist coalition opposing war. 

Unfortunately, this recent development represents a fissure in the progressive movement where its most effective advocates cannot get on the same page with regards to war related issues and instead get roiled up in petty infighting. This is one of numerous reasons why there’s not much of an anti-war Left these days. The broader anti-war movement suffers as a result.

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