Joe Kent Calls for Special Forces to be Deployed at the US Border Not Somalia

Politicians in the United States are allergic to pursuing foreign policy measures that positively advance US national interests. Most of the US’s foreign policy excursions are largely predicated on ideological fixations or are military conflicts in far-flung regions designed to line up the pockets of the military industrial complex.

But when it comes to conducting operations in areas of strategic importance like say at the southern border against Mexican drug cartels these same people pull a Casper the Friendly Ghost. 

Earlier this week, on May 16, 2022,  the US government announced that it would be deploying troops to Somalia — an area that holds no strategic importance. Yet again, the US government showed its citizenry that it’s not interested in pursuing foreign policy projects that benefit the country. 

Congressional candidate Joe Kent raised a very valid point in a tweet he posted on May 16, 2022.

In this tweet ,he stated, “100s of Special ops troops should be heading to our southern border to crush the cartels, not heading to an African back water. 

They are going to Somalia b/c it’s an easy midwit way for Biden to look tough. Also it’s an easy copy / paste old war, path of least resistance for $.”

Kent is on the mark here. When he is not disavowing America First nationalists like Nick Fuentes, Kent is a very reasonable candidate who understands the various limits to the US Deep State’s ambitious foreign policy. 

America ultimately needs to revert  to a sphere of influence style geopolitical approach that’s focused on securing its southern border and preventing external actors from establishing a military presence in the Western hemisphere. 

Lawmakers need to abandon the interventionist crusading and misguided ventures into countries that are of little strategic importance to the US.  

Maintaining the neocon status quo will only accelerate imperial overreach and hasten the US’s civilization decline.