John Bolton Attempts to Sabotage President Trump’s North Korea Progress

President Donald Trump’s national security adviser John Bolton is agitating to undo the tremendous progress made by Donald Trump in North Korea by focusing on the death of liberal college student Otto Warmbier, which was an Obama-era blunder.

Bolton appeared on CNN’s State of the Union to make belligerent demands of the North Korean government on a globalist propaganda network. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison after attempting to steal a propaganda poster from his hotel and died in 2017 after being returned home by North Korean authorities after he slipped into a coma.

“The best thing North Korea could do right now would be to give us a full accounting of what happened and who was responsible for it,” Bolton said.

Bolton stopped short at actively defying the President, knowing that would be his undoing. He instead used weasel words to attempt to undermine Trump’s beliefs in his strong diplomatic relationship with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.

“My opinion doesn’t matter,” Bolton said. “I am not the national security decision-maker. That’s his view.”

“I’ve heard the president talk about Otto Warmbier on any number of occasions in the Oval Office. And I know how strongly he feels about it. I have no doubt of that whatever,” Bolton said.

Bolton’s sentiments echo that of RINO Kevin McCarthy, who wormed his way into the position of House Minority Speaker after his fellow “Young Gun” Paul Ryan was forced to retire in disgrace. He counter-signaled Trump’s diplomatic progress on North Korea to the mainstream media too.

“I think Kim had all authority to do that. I mean, I think Kim knew what happened, which was wrong,” Rep. McCarthy (R-CA) speculated in an interview on ABC News’ This Week.

“That’s why when we passed sanctions, we named it after Otto Warmbier, that’s why the president kept those sanctions in place. The sanctions the president did not lift on North Korea are named after Otto and I think the president clarified that,” he added.

Despite all the neocon kvetching, the peace process continues onward. Although Trump left talks abruptly, that is not a reason to be discouraged as it is a negotiating strategy straight out of ‘Art of the Deal.’

“The worst thing you can possibly do in a deal is seem desperate to make it. That makes the other guy smell blood, and then you’re dead,” Trump wrote in an excerpt from his most well-known book.

President Trump is operating in a manner that neocons like Bolton and McCarthy are too slow to comprehend, but the Koreas understand what is happening and are enthusiastic as a result. The North Koreans maintain that friendly discussions will continue between Trump and Kim in the weeks to come while South Korean President Moon Jae-in claims that “more meaningful progress than ever” was accomplished during the second Trump-Kim summit in Vietnam than ever before.

The reunification of the Koreas could reunite families, bring prosperity to millions, and bring an end to one of the worst totalitarian regimes of our times. Bolton must go as national security adviser or that progress will continue to be jeopardized by his chicken hawk tactics.