Judge Napolitano’s Tragic Journey From Liberty Warrior to Deep State Hack

It used to be a rare treat for liberty lovers as they tuned into FOX News and heard the take of Judge Andrew Napolitano, but that changed shortly after Trump was elected. After being suspended indefinitely in 2017 for claiming accurately that British intelligence helped Obama spy on Trump before he became President, Napolitano came back gelded ready and raring to serve his masters.

This New Judge no longer speaks truth to power or calls out the deep state for its various sinister machinations. He is a company man paid to spew the globalist establishment’s lies as they continue their war against President Trump and his ‘America First’ agenda.

One recent example is the Judge carrying water for the mainstream media apparatus that repeatedly libeled Nicholas Sandmann of Covington Catholic High School following his very public confrontation with a leftist provocateur race pimp. Napolitano would apparently rule against Sandmann and the other kids targeted by the fake news if he could, as he explained during a recent appearance on FOX News.

The Daily Beast summarizes the Judge’s shameful take against the children:

Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano on Wednesday helpfully explained to Fox host Charles Payne that the $250 million lawsuit against the Washington Post filed by the family of Covington Catholic student Nick Sandmann faces a tough road, adding that it is “impossible” to prove that level of damages claimed…

The judge weighed both sides of the argument, claiming the teen “probably suffered” as a result of “false and erroneous” portrayals of his interactions last month with a Native American activist. On the other side, Napolitano pointed out, the student became a “limited purpose public figure” during the confrontation, adding that Sandmann’s lawyers would need to then prove the Post “published what they knew was false and reckless.”

Arguing that legal guidelines state that a minor doesn’t have a reputation to defame, Napolitano added that even if the lawyers were able to find the Post was reckless, there wouldn’t be a way to prove the damage to the teen’s reputation.

The Judge also directly propagandized on behalf of the deep state in recent days, claiming ridiculously that Trump allegedly making a call to his acting attorney general about a staffing concern was “attempted obstruction” of justice – whatever the hell that means.

The Daily Beast once again summarizes the Judge’s blathering as he tosses what’s left of his credibility out the door:

“Shortly after the New York Times dropped an explosive report alleging President Trump called then-Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker to put a Trump ally in charge of the Southern District of New York’s case against former Trump attorney Michael Cohen, Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano said this request amounted to “an attempt to obstruct justice.”

According to the Times, Trump attempted to exert pressure on his newly installed attorney general late last year. With U.S. attorney Geoffrey Berman having already recused himself from the Cohen investigation due to a conflict of interest, Trump reportedly asked Whitaker to put Berman in charge of the probe. Trump “soon soured” on Whitaker for not being able to make the move happen, per the Times.

Speaking with Fox News anchor Shepard Smith on Tuesday, Napolitano noted that Whitaker himself could be in trouble if the story is accurate, seeing as Whitaker previously testified to Congress that the president had never pressured him on any of the multiple Trump-related investigations.

“There’s two potential crimes here for Matt Whitaker,” the judge stated. “One is actual perjury, lying to the Congress. The other is misleading. Remember, you can be truthful but still misleading.”

The deep state must have something good on Napolitano to make him perform such a drastic and forced shift. To have to betray your hardcore libertarian anti-statist ideals to become a controlled puppet of secretive totalitarian government power so quickly must be killing the formerly principled man inside.

But perhaps not all hope is lost for the Judge. Independent journalist and liberty icon Ben Swann underwent a similar transformation after critically examining Pizzagate conspiracy theories, but came back to his old ways once he got out of his television contract. We can only hope that the Judge returns to old form once he finally gets away from globalist FOX News.