Judge Roy Moore Reemerges Vindicated From Scandal as US Senate Front Runner

Few individuals have received more brutal and unfair treatment in the public eye than Judge Roy Moore, whose reputation was destroyed based on the evidence-free speculation of liberal political operatives with serious axes to grind against the Republican.

Establishment Republicans and Democrats alike cheered when he lost to pro-abortion, pro-gun control Doug Jones, all proud of demolishing the reputation and career of a devout Christian man. That’s how former land of the free treats its most faithful in this upside-down Orwellian day and age.

While most expected Moore to disappear from the public eye after the scandal, he remained fighting against the odds. He never gave up trying to clear his name, and now he is seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. A recent poll showed him as the current front runner to win the Republican nomination to the U.S. Senate against Sen. Doug Jones next year.

Judge Moore has passed a polygraph test to prove his innocence. He is embroiled in a defamation lawsuit against his accusers to clear his name. In addition, it has been revealed that he was sabotaged in 2017 by a massive bipartisan conspiracy to keep him out of national office.

Democrats were exposed after the fact for running an illegal sabotage campaign against Judge Moore to paint him as Russian agent. Republicans were arguably even more enthusiastic to destroy Moore after he beat their hand-picked stooge Luther Strange fair and square in the primaries. The National Republican Senatorial Committee pulled all support for Moore at a crucial junction of the campaign, effectively handing the election to the Democrat.

All of these same interests will certainly be lined up against Moore yet again in 2020, but there is a game changer: The Brett Kavanaugh debacle. Alabama voters are getting wise to the fact that they were conned by the fake news. The Kavanaugh blueprint has opened voters’ eyes to the extent of Democratic treachery, which may have previously been unfathomable to even conservatives. Trotting out the same phony victims, with the same ridiculous sob stories, after they went quiet immediately following the 2017 special election when their checks cleared, is not likely to have anywhere near the same effect.

In terms of promoting the cause liberty, there would be no Senator in Washington D.C. willing to stand up more boldly against centralized power than Moore. He is one of the few judges in history with the courage and audacity to break precedent and rule based on his conscience, values and character rather than the scribbles of robed lawyers’ past. He was even booted from the Alabama Supreme Court on two separate occasions for his unwillingness to violate his oath to the Constitution.

The first time Moore was booted from the Alabama Supreme Court, it happened because he refused to remove a monument listing the Ten Commandments from public land. The second time he was kicked off the court, it was because Moore refused to enforce the homosexual marriage edicts proclaimed by SCOTUS in Obergefell v. Hodges (2015). As Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, Judge Moore nullified federal tyranny in a manner that the Founding Fathers would have found laudable. He is indeed cut from the same cloth as the founding-era revolutionaries.

While libertarians may not like Judge Moore’s firm stance against homosexuality, time is yet again vindicating the man’s positions. The LGBT movement has shown that their agenda is about far more than just tolerance. They have went from demanding marriage equality to targeting young children openly. They now have pedophiles grooming potential child victims in public libraries, children as young as eight-years-old being drugged to prepare them for a genital mutilating ‘transition’ by adolescence, drag kids being drooled upon by pedos at live strip shows, and mandatory LGBT public ‘education’ where kids learn how to make dildos and use anal lube. That’s just the start down the slippery slope to Sodom and Gomorrah. Judge Moore is proven right yet again.

In terms of Moore’s actual record as a judge, he consistently issued opinions showing his fidelity to the cause of liberty. Allen Mendenhall, Roy Moore’s former staff attorney, listed several instances that demonstrate Moore’s stellar record. In Ex parte Brooker, 192 So. 3d 1 (Ala. 2015), Moore wrote a dissent in favor of a man serving life in prison for possessing marijuana plants on the basis that the search warrant issued by police was not germane. In Ex parte W.F., 214 So. 3D 1153 (Ala. 2015), he successfully argued on behalf of three juveniles whose gun rights were infringed upon after they were hit with baseless charges. Moore’s advocate ensured they received the fair jury trial they were once denied.

In Ex parte Bennett, 164 So. 3d 1162 (Ala. 2014), Judge Moore stood up against civil asset forfeiture after uniformed thugs stole $19,855 from a man who had not been accused of a crime. Moore filed a dissent in favor of the robbery victim after the court ruled against the man. Moore also wrote a dissent on behalf of a criminal sentenced to life in prison for Ex parte Conner, 165 So. 3d 556 (Ala. 2014) arguing it was cruel and unusual punishment based on a technicality. For Ex parte Newman, 143 So. 3d 746 (Ala. 2013), Moore stood up for another man with who received a Draconian sentence after a dine-and-dash gone wrong turned into an armed confrontation. Judge Moore has always shown a propensity to stand for the downtrodden, a rare trait from a man yielding immense power on the bench.

“I would reverse the conviction imposed in the trial court,” Moore wrote in his dissent, “because under Alabama law Newman did not commit first-degree robbery. Thus, his punishment far exceeds a sentence for theft of services and menacing and reckless endangerment, charges which would be applicable under the facts of this case.”

Judge Moore is not cut from the same cloth as the career politicians of Washington D.C. Fighting back against enormous odds with the entire political establishment gunning for him, he will have a massive chip on his shoulder if he can pull off a surprising victory next year. It will be the culmination of a lifetime of fighting against an unjust, ungodly system that has strayed immensely from the rule of law. Liberty supporters will not find a better candidate for US Senate in Alabama, or any other race for that matter, than Judge Moore in 2020. We should hope and pray this old fighter throws his hat back in the ring yet again.