Kelley Paul Exposes CNN Hack Ana Navarro’s Bullying

During the last few weeks Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has been quite busy.

Above all, he’s been very active promoting his new book The Case Against Socialism.

His book promotion brought him on several shows, where he has been able to put out his book to favorable audiences. However, he also dived into enemy territory. For example, he went on The View and confronted Ana Navarro on issues concerning Venezuela and President Trump’s controversial Syria withdrawal.

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On the show, Paul got into a heated debate with Navarro on the topic of Venezuela.

Paul argued that Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro is a socialist strongman. Navarro immediately took issue with that statement, claiming that “Maduro is not a socialist. He’s a corrupt, murderous thug.”

As Navarro continued to launch attacks against Paul, the Kentucky Senator put his hands up to try to calm down the exchange. “Don’t do this to me. Don’t mansplain,” Navarro replied, mimicking Paul’s hand gestures.

On logic alone, Paul got the better of the exchange. Venezuela’s current economic implosion is the result of its multiple decades of socialist policies, no matter how much the mainstream Left and its radical siblings try to downplay it.

Kelley Paul, the Kentucky Senator’s wife, took note of Navarro’s “incivility”, which she helped exposed in Rand’s book.

She went on Twitter and declaredHey @ananavarro,your incivility includes bullying kids @RandPaul and I wrote about you on p. 280 of our new book

Kelley Paul specifically cited how Navarro called the Covington Catholic kids “asswipes” previously on The View.

Steve Cortes, a strategist for President Donald Trump, exposed what Navarro said during the Covington Catholic scandal in an article for RealClear Politics: “I sure as hell think Trump’s racist comments and constant dog-whistles have contributed to Making Asswipes Great Again.” 

This goes to show that when you don’t have logical arguments, bullying your opposition and throwing a fit will suffice.

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