Koch-Backed Students for Liberty Pushes Vaccine Passports, Complains about Liz Cheney’s Demotion in GOP

The Students for Liberty (SFL), a Koch-backed globalist front, is pushing propaganda defending vaccine passports from a supposedly libertarian perspective.

In his blog titled, “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Vaccine, No Service,” author Andrew D. Allison argued on behalf of SFL that vaccine passports are a triumph of private property rights.

“Proof of vaccination may become commonplace if you want to do much in the post-COVID world. Businesses are already rolling out services that will only be available to those who have been vaccinated,” he wrote.

Allison added: “Should businesses be allowed to discriminate against those who are unvaccinated? If so, what gives them the right? To these two questions, the answers are “yes” and “the right of property”.”

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SFL is happy to usher in this corporate dystopia where individuals will need to abide by coercive medical mandates to function in society as long as it remains nominally “private.”

“Property rights give business owners the right to exclude specific individuals from using their property. This right extends to the right to deny the unvaccinated from purchasing their products or services. The property rights approach to vaccination is the one solution which offers both bodily autonomy and public health. It should be the approach favored by all, and especially by libertarians,” he concluded.

In addition to shilling for the Big Brother technocracy, SFL is also bemoaning Rep. Liz Cheney’s defenestration in the Republican Party. The neoconservative warmonger was relieved of her leadership post by the House GOP, and the SFL is claiming that this somehow was a violation of her free speech rights.

Author Juliette Barnes wrote, “Liz Cheney proves we can’t trust the right to support free speech,” to make the bizarre argument that holding lawmakers accountable to their constituents is somehow a violation of freedom of speech. 

“However, despite what many of these Republicans would say, it was clear they only had time for freedom of speech when it doesn’t turn against Trump. Liz Cheney’s removal is the latest evidence of this,” she wrote.

“From right wing outrage over athletes kneeling for the anthem to refusing to vote in Neera Tanden because of so-called “mean tweets”, the right and Republicans have shown us time and time again that they have no interest in protecting freedom of speech,” Barnes added.

While Koch-backed operatives whine about Liz Cheney’s free speech being violated due to a rare instance of legislative accountability within the GOP, they simultaneously back Big Tech’s “right” to censor conservative dissidents and defend the special government-granted privileges which allow them to do so.

Liberty Conservative News has reported on authentic libertarians not controlled by the Koch apparatus, such as former Texas Congressman Ron Paul, rightfully calling social media corporations an arm of the state and decrying their Draconian restrictive policies against free speech:

Former Congressman Ron Paul recently criticized Big Tech.

Social media companies have been in the spotlight lately for their censorship against dissident conservatives and other people on the right.

This has raised questions of what needs to be done against Big Tech.

The topic that Paul addressed dealt with Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin railing against Amazon for destroying the American retail sector.

While there are some valid concerns about the economic displacement that has come about from this, Ron Paul takes a different approach on this issue. He believes “bigness” coming “from benefits from government” is a bigger problem.

Paul told Kitco News, “Yes, they’re too big, but I don’t think I approach it the same way [Mnuchin] does, because I think if a company is big because it produces a product and the people like it and they reward that company, and even if it gets very big, there’s nothing wrong with that.”

He added, “Some of the [social media companies] are big because they’ve had advantages from the government.”

In sum, Paul concedes that some tech companies are big because of government aid. In his view, however, that does justify a breakup of these companies.”

Koch-controlled libertarians will always side with Big Capital and against the rights of the people when it counts. They have proven it yet again by shilling for Big Pharma’s vaccine regime and defending the Cheney family’s legacy.

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