Koch-Funded Libertarian Hack Shills for Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccinations in MSNBC Appearance

Cato Institute adjunct scholar Ilya Somin appeared on MSNBC’s “All In with Chris Hayes” on Wednesday to defend mandatory vaccination policies.

Somin responded to GOP leaders like Sens. Rand Paul and Ted Cruz who are urging non-compliance and civil disobedience to prevent vaccine-related coercion in the public and private sectors. Somin says that the real libertarian way is to submit to the public health experts.

“I think they are a restriction on freedom. But they`re a very small one with a very large payoff not just for the person who gets vaccinated, but for other people they come into contact with as well,” Somin said.

“And that makes them very different from other infringement on liberty that are either much larger as in the case of lockdowns, for example, or where there`s little or no benefit except possibly a benefit to the individual himself,” he added.

Somin argued that Republicans are selfish while real libertarians understand that submitting to invasive government mandates are the right thing to do when it comes to vaccines.

“The Republicans, as you mentioned earlier, none of them are actually libertarians. None of them not even Rand Paul actually described themselves as libertarian. So, like many politicians, they will resort to pro-liberty arguments when they think it`s politically convenient,” he said.

“But I don`t think either day or other politicians on either right or left necessarily exemplify libertarianism in any way,” Somin added.

He also said that Republicans are bad because they tend to oppose waves of third-world migrants flooding across the border. Somin says that submitting to mandatory vaccinations is far less harmful to liberty than imposing restrictions on the flow of immigration.

“Libertarianism certainly opposes severe restrictions on liberty. And there are a few more severe than migration restrictions which can find people to live in poverty and oppression simply because they happen to be born in the wrong place or to the wrong parents. And it`s certainly a far more severe restriction than a vaccine mandate,” he said.

Somin also argued that face mask mandates are more onerous than vaccine mandates, and vaccine mandates could stop the necessity of wearing face masks, even though face mask mandates have been reinstated after the large-scale distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine.

“So, my view is that if you have the option of vaccination, which we do, and if necessary, in some cases, you can use vaccine mandates, then that`s the option we should pursue rather than more severe impositions on liberty, including mask mandates, lockdowns, migration restrictions and so on,” he argued.

Somin is not the only Koch-funded hack who is shilling hard for vaccines against the individual rights of the people. Reason Magazine editor Robby Soave picked a fight with vaccine skeptic Alex Berenson recently on Twitter and was completely outclassed and humiliated for doing so:

Corporate-bought libertarians like Somin and Soave are shills for the dollar bill and nothing more. They disgrace actual libertarians who are on the front lines fighting against the ongoing tyranny of the vaccine regime.