LA County Sheriff’s Department Flooded With Requests for Concealed Carry Weapon Permits

In Los Angeles County, there has been a large increase in the number of people applying for concealed carry permits.

Since the Wuhan virus pandemic breakout and the ensuing lockdowns, uncertainty has spread across the nation. Even worse, many localities have decided to weaken law enforcement and play nice with criminals.

With very little options left on the table, many Americans have had to proactively look for certain ways to defend themselves and their loved ones. Even in states like California, which is notorious for its anti-Second Amendment policies, Americans are making attempts to arm themselves.

Claudia Peschiutta of KNX1070 noted how record numbers of people are applying for concealed carry permits.

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She tweeted, “LASD flooded w/requests for concealed carry weapon permits. “All of a sudden it became very popular for people to solicit for a CCW permit,” says @LACoSheriff. 518 requests since Jan, compared to 273 for all of ’19. “We’re adding more people [to deal w/requests],” says Villanueva.”


“We’re adding more people to it because all of a sudden it became very popular for people to solicit for a CCW permit. So we are increasing the amount of people so that should reduce the processing time,” Sheriff Alex Villanueva commented.

“We want to get it down to the point where it’s just a matter of a few weeks or within a month, we could do the whole thing. That would be ideal,” he added.

According to a report from KNX1070, the LA Sheriff’s Department has received well over 518 requests for CCW permits thus far in 2020. By comparison, the Sheriff’s Department received 273 permit application requests for all of 2019.

It’s no secret that California is an anti-gun bastion. The Golden State occupies a miserable 47th place ranking according to Guns & Ammo magazine’s Best States for Gun Owners’ rankings.

Nevertheless, Americans have clearly demonstrated through their record-breaking gun purchases that they are willing to arm themselves when their backs are pressed against the wall. The more the radical Left riots and politicians promote public disorder, the more Americans will go out of their way to arm themselves.