Latest Ukraine Aid Bill Shows That The Republican Party is Still Stuck on America Last Mode  

On May 10, 2022,  the US House approved a $40 billion bill that would supply Ukraine with military and economic aid. It was passed on a vote count of  368-57. 

The 57 House members who voted against this bill were all Republicans. Nevertheless, the majority of House Republicans (149) voted for this massive splurge of military and economic aid to Ukraine. 

The only silver lining with regards to this vote is that 57 Republicans voted against this legislation.   

This is a considerable improvement from previous pro-Ukraine bills that received near unanimous support from both parties. For example, only populist Republicans like Thomas Massie, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Paul Gosar, and Andy Biggs could always be counted on to oppose these legislative items designed to escalate tensions with Russia.

However, this aid package may have turned out to be a breaking point for several Republicans who are realizing that this proxy conflict makes little sense.

Politics is a messy business where major political change does not happen overnight.

It’s going to take relentless pressure to see through the changes we desire for America.  

No one said this fight would be a walk in the park. We need to prepare for the long haul and be ready to take lumps along the way. 

Nevertheless, liberty conservatives must continue pressuring establishment Republicans and other Republicans with somewhat of an independent streak to embrace realism and restraint on foreign affairs. For too long, the Republican Party has played the role of being the Stupid Party to the Democrats’ Evil Party.

Ultimately, this must change. Thankfully, there’s a growing populist wing within the Republican Party that’s ready to embrace that challenge. 

Liberty conservatives must be pact with these types and continue pushing the envelope if they’re serious about changing the Republican Party.