Lauren Boebert Declares that Biden’s Gun Control Plan is Useless Against Criminals

Pro-gun control politicians will never understand that the regulations they believe will end crime are actually useless against criminals.

But perhaps some of these politicians get that and they pass such regulations for the purpose of people control.

On April 11, 2022, Biden announced several gun control proposals such as providing more funding to the ATF and a de facto gun registry. Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert isn’t buying any of the Biden administration’s gun control plans. Boebert believes that Biden’s gun control agenda is ultimately futile. 

She tweeted, “BREAKING: Criminals will still break gun laws. 

Biden’s new ‘rules’ will only disarm law-abiding citizens.”

That’s how gun control works. It’s all about disarming the law-abiding, leaving them vulnerable to criminal actors. Meanwhile, politicians and their wealthy allies will still be able to stay safe by virtue of their ability to hire private security and other services that the working class isn’t able to afford. 

Gun control is part of the new class war that the professional managerial class is waging against Middle America. These people want to stick it to red-blooded Americans who still believe in foundational freedoms. Liberty conservatives must embrace the mantle of Middle America and stand up for their right to self-defense.

The Left’s endgame is the liquidation of Middle America. One of the first steps in achieving this unholy goal is by enacting civilian disarmament schemes. The stakes are high and it’s incumbent upon us to stop the Left in its tracks.