Law-Abiding Citizen Shoots Assailant Who Allegedly Shot at Police

AWR Hawkins reported on a case of a citizen who caught a suspect shooting at police in Fresno, California on the evening of March 24, 2020.

The law-abiding gun owner drew out his handgun and fired on the suspect, who ended up on the ground.

According to a Fox 26 report, suspect crashed his car after police began pursuing him. The pursuit occurred as a consequence of the suspect allegedly not complying with the police’s order to pull over after he was caught speeding.

After he crashed his car, the suspect got out of his vehicle with a shotgun, and started firing at police.

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As the suspect started to flee the scene, a good Samaritan with a concealed carry permit drew his handgun and fired on the suspect, “making him fall to the ground.”

The suspect then got back up and started to run off again, but was later tackled by a second bystander.

According to a Fresno Bee report, “the suspect was injured from being shot. He had wounds on his upper chest.”

No officers were hurt in this encounter.

This is another case of defensive gun use that will likely not be talked about by the mainstream media.

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