Libertarian Entrepreneur George Gammon had his YouTube Channel Deleted and Then Reinstated

Big Tech’s censorship witch hunt never ends. It initially claimed another victim on October 26, 2021 after one of the YouTube channels of libertarian-minded entrepreneur and real estate investor George Gammon was removed. Gammon’s principal channel “George Gammon”, which has 332,000 subscribers. He has another channel titled “Rebel Capitalist”, which was initially removed by YouTube. At first, Gammon tweeted in disbelief, “Rebel Capitalist channel has been removed by @YouTube. I received no warnings, no strikes, no evidence. Just email saying it was removed. Only explanation was “severe or repeated violations of community guidelines.” Makes no sense? Was very careful to follow rules.” UFC commentator and world famous podcaster Joe Rogan retweeted Gammon. The YouTuber thanked Rogan for his support. Gammon tweeted, “Thx for the retweet @joerogan Sincerely appreciate the help.” When BLP reached out to George Gammon, he said the following:
It’s extremely disappointing because I worked very hard on the channel and actually went out of my way to abide by their guidelines.  I was never given a warning, strike or advance notice, the channel was simply removed. We live in scary times when a YouTube channel discussing freedom, liberty and free market capitalism is deemed too dangerous in the US…a country built on freedom, liberty and free market capitalism.
But good news struck later that night. YouTube reinstated the Rebel Capitalist channel. Gammon tweeted, “We’re back!! There’s no way to articulate how much I sincerely appreciate the help and support from all of you. I’m more motivated than ever to spread the ideas of Freedom, Liberty, and Free Market Capitalism!! We’re going to win…we’re on the right side of history.”
Although Gammon’s account was restored, this incident served as another reminder of how censorious YouTube can be. Gammon has been an outspoken opponent of the Wuhan virus lockdowns and mandate. Although he has used euphemistic language and codewords to stay in compliance with YouTube’s new censorship standards, his pro-liberty message was too much for the control freak censors at YouTube. Gammon has three channels on YouTube: George Gammon (main channel), Rebel Capitalist, and More George Gammon. Gammon also has a premium forum, Rebel Capitalist Pro, for libertarians, conservatives, constitutionalists, and other people interested in liberty who want to grow their wealth in times of economic uncertainty. He’s also hosting Rebel Capitalist Live 2, a premier gathering of libertarian-minded speakers, financial experts, and freedom enthusiasts, in Houston, Texas from January 7 to January 9. Gammon has also teamed up with seasoned real estate experts Jason Hartman and Ken McElroy to form The Collective Mastermind, a mastermind group for pro-liberty entrepreneurs and investors who desire to take their financial game to the next level. George Gammon can be followed here: George Gammon Main Channel Rebel Capitalist Channel More George Gammon Channel Twitter Facebook Instagram