Libertarian Party Promotes Interventionism and Regime Change in Venezuela

The Libertarian Party is promoting regime change in Venezuela, as party chairman Nicholas Sarwark recently promoted a video pushing the foreign-backed coup attempt of Juan Guaido against the socialist regime.

“Libertarians across the country and globe are working every day to make their communities more free,” Sarwark wrote in a blog post.

“I’d like to share with you a video made by one of our members, Dr. Kyle Varner, about the ongoing situation in Venezuela. It is being shown around Venezuela,” Sarwark added.

In the video address to the Venezuelan people, Varner talks about the evils of the socialist regime of actual President Nicolas Maduro but then advocates for an unelected self-proclaimed President backed by foreigners to be propped up in his stead. A coup attempt was attempted beginning on April 30 but quickly fizzled out, resulting in many arrests and a strengthened Maduro regime.

“We are with you in your struggle,” Varner said, as translated by Facebook from Spanish.

If by “we,” he means the military-industrial complex and neocon war hawks in the Trump administration like national security advisor John Bolton and U.S. special representative for Venezuela Elliott Abrams, then Varner is certainly not kidding.

“The difficult task of confronting a socialist tyranny, and the risks involved, is unimaginable to us,” Varner said. “Each of you works, risks and sacrifices more than any of us, purely with the goal to live in a free nation. You have our respect as heroes for freedom!”

He went on to claim that the Venezuelan constitution empowers Guaido, who has proclaimed himself with Western backing as the Acting President of the nation, to take full control over the government.

“I have ideological differences with Guaido, but I recognize and support him,” Varner said.

While this Libertarian Party member from the United States may support him, Guaido lacks actual popular support in the country where he roleplays as if he is the lawful President.

In fact, the western-backed mischief in the country appears to be playing into Maduro’s hands. He has claimed for years that a conspiracy of outsiders has been out to sabotage him, and the military-industrial complex, aided by Libertarians like Varner, are realizing Maduro’s paranoid fantasies.

“Those who do not recognize Juan Guaido reject the constitution and the rule of law,” Varner said, in an apparent order to the people of Venezuela.

He then made his agenda abundantly clear. Varner and his allies intend to bring a bunch of foreign economists into the nation to run the show once Maduro is deposed.

“We have a team of economists who are experienced in giving guidance to countries that are leaving socialism. The 21st century Chicago Boys want to work in their country,” Varner said.

The “Chicago Boys” were free market economists brought in to run the regime for Chilean military dictator Augusto Pinochet starting in the 1970s.

“This will be a great miracle, the Venezuelan miracle,” Varner arrogantly boasted.

He finished his address by comparing modern Venezuela to Nazi Germany, urging the encroachment to stop, and calling for the implementation of a capitalist system.

His suggestions do not sound very different to Bolton’s deranged pronouncements over Twitter.

“Our hearts are with the oppressed everywhere, especially in Venezuela during this very difficult time in their history,” said Sarwark, the left-libertarian useful idiot to end his blog.

U.S. interventionists, hoping to carve the oil-rich South American country up for their own nefarious ends, should just leave Venezuela alone to decide for themselves who their leadership ought to be.

Because as we have seen in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, El Salvador, Nicaragua and so many other nations, U.S. meddling can have disastrous consequences.