Libertarian Party Slimes Liberty Conservative Thomas Massie for Defending Ron Paul

On an episode of the Ron Paul Liberty Report, former Congressman Ron Paul stated that President Trump could not “depend on the media” to defend him throughout the recentĀ  impeachment drama.

In fact, one can already tell that the media are joining House Democrats in their calls to impeach Trump.

The former Congressman believes that Trump should get his message out by “telling the truth.” Specifically, Paul suggested that Trump buy ads to clear his name and ultimately get the accuser to step up and reveal themself.

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Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie, a known liberty conservative and faithful adherent of Paul’s philosophy, tweeted “Ron Paul, right again” in support of the message that Paul conveyed in his video.

However, the Libertarian Party Chairman Nicholas Sarwark was not having it.

Sarwark, a known virtue signaler and promoter of establishment narratives, tweeted “Carry that water.”

Sarwark has built a reputation for making the Libertarian Party a bastion of political correctness during his time as leader.

The latest Ukraine whistleblower drama presented a perfect opportunity for the milquetoast LP chair to virtue signal about this incident in an effort to curry favor with the political establishment.

Much to Sarwark’s disappointment, these efforts will be for naught considering that the political establishment doesn’t care for libertarians who accept their premises. The establishment strives for domination not cooperation with libertarians. The Libertarian Party is already at an institutional disadvantage as it is given its third party status.

Trying to do a left-lite impression will only dig itself further in a hole. Many libertarians like Sarwark fail to realize that it was Paul’s populist message in 2008 and 2012 that made his message nationally relevant. On the other hand, the Sarwark strategy of trying to virtue signal will only cement the LP’s irrelevancy.

And from the looks of it, Sarwark is still not getting this.

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