Libertarian Party Spends Entire 4th of July Week Trashing Ron Paul’s Legacy

A state chapter of the Libertarian Party is having their “Ron Paul Week.” No, they are not celebrating the achievements of the libertarian icon. They are instead spending the entire week denigrating his legacy.

The LP of Nevada admits Paul’s significant contributions to the cause, but feels the need to trash him anyway.

“Undoubtedly, the positive impact of Ron Paul on the growth and national recognition of the Libertarian Party is widely respected,” they wrote in a Facebook post.

“Unfortunately, the diehard fanbase of the Paul brand has plagued the LP in other areas of its membership and its contribution to the national discussion. This week, we cover the many areas where libertarians go far beyond the politics of the former Republican Congressman,” they added.

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One of the issues the LP of Nevada is highlighting negatively is Paul’s federalist position on gay marriage. The LP of Nevada believes that the federal government should impose its definition of marriage on the states in the name of equality.

“Despite holding a libertarian view on government’s role in personal and religious matters, Ron Paul called to defer the civil rights of same sex partnerships to the states. In contrast, the Libertarian Party supports the Supreme Court ruling on the Defense of Marriage Act — not for redefining marriage, but for striking down government’s authority to define, license or restrict personal relationships,” they wrote.

The LP of Nevada also bashed Paul for supporting freedom for the unborn, making it clear that the murder of children in the womb is a key tenet of their platform.

“Although Ron Paul’s platform has a difference in perspective on the start of human life, the LP believes neither government, nor religion, or any one specific viewpoint should dictate every women’s reproductive system,” they wrote.

They also attacked Paul’s stance on border security, which calls for restrictions on immigration in order to protect national sovereignty. The LP of Nevada believes in open borders anarchy, under the justification that freedom of movement for foreigners somehow trumps natural rights.

“In addition to voting YES on the Secure Fence Act of 2006, Ron Paul voted to continue funding agencies that restrict the free movement of people between borders,” they wrote. “

“The Libertarian Party calls for open borders — in response to increased immigration enforcement spending, our focus remains on reforming the welfare state—the primary incentive of advantageous behavior,” they added.

Libertarians had previously trashed Paul for supporting non-interventionist foreign policy, with their national chairman Nick Sarwark posting a link on Twitter last month suggesting that Paul is an agent of the Russians without providing any evidence.

The LP of Nevada will continue to trash Paul throughout this patriotic week celebrating the founding of America, as they seek to alienate authentic libertarians and marginalize themselves even further in order to virtue signal to the Marxist left.

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