Liberty Advocates Condemn Prosecution of Whistle-Blower Julian Assange for Exposing War Crimes

Today, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was sold out by the Ecuadorean government and arrested by British authorities to be prepared for extradition to US courts where the whistle-blower will be prosecuted for distributing journalism.

Advocates for the US Constitution and basic human liberty have sounded the alarms all day about the problematic nature of this arrest, which could have a chilling impact on news reporting and digital free speech moving forward.

Former Texas Congressman Ron Paul devoted an entire episode of his liberty report to Assange today:

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Trial attorney Robert Barnes, who is representing the Covington Catholic high school kids, pointed out the lies issued by the prosecutors while announcing they were prosecuting Assange.

Humorist Michael Malice used comedy to illustrate the ridiculousness of the indictment:

Austrian economist Bob Murphy pointed out the clear implication of Assange’s railroading:

Dissident academic Nassim Nicholas Taleb stated the obvious as well:

Leading independent journalist Ben Swann spoke at length about what the extradition means for press freedom worldwide:

Even some of Trump’s top social media surrogates are deeply angry about his administration’s move against Assange.

Pro-Trump libertarian Stefan Molyneux pointed out a suspicious coincidence related to the timing of Assange’s prosecution:

Paul Joseph Watson, formerly of Infowars, pointed out that the Assange prosecution comes alongside the shuttering of independent journalism online:

Jack Posobiec, reporter with One America News Network, pointed out that Assange was integral in exposing Trump’s deep state enemies with hard-hitting leaks.

Cassandra Fairbanks, an independent journalist who is a close friend of Assange, pleaded with Donald Trump to do something about this railroading.

But President Trump is intent to play dumb while his administration makes Draconian overreaches that threaten digital freedom worldwide.

President Trump would be wise to continue protecting whistle-blowers, or risk having a legacy even more injurious to the Constitution than former President Barack Hussein Obama.

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