Liberty Conservative Eric Brakey Calls Disgraced Neocon John Bolton a “Chicken Hawk”

Former Maine State Senator and now congressional candidate for Maine’s 2nd District Eric Brakey recently ripped John Bolton a new one on Twitter

Bolton is in the news for his revelations in his new book that detail some of his dealings during his time in the Trump administration.

As national security adviser, Bolton was among the most ferocious of hawks close to Trump. Bolton was particularly bellicose with regards to Iran and other countries like Venezuela.

After getting fired, Bolton was busy writing a new book, where he is apparently throwing his former employer under the bus.

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And that’s not all.

Democrats and the mainstream media allies are prepared to make strange bedfellows with the disgraced neoconservative political operative by pushing him to testify against President Donald Trump during the sham impeachment hearings in the Senate.

Brakey was having none of this, however.

He tweeted, “John Bolton is a chicken hawk who never served in the military, but is always the first to “volunteer” others to fight and die in never-ending wars of nation-building and regime change.”


Brakey then followed up by saying that “.@realDonaldTrump fired John Bolton for good reason. The President’s real mistake was hiring him in the first place. Bolton is a disgruntled former employee who didn’t get war with Iran that he wanted, and our @POTUS is standing in his way.”


The current Bolton drama shows how much of a swamp creature he is. Unfortunately, many conservatives naively bought in to the hype surrounding Bolton. His track record in pushing for the failed Iraq War speaks for itself.

Brakey is correct in noting that Trump should have never hired Bolton in the first place.

Trump will have to be more careful in selecting personnel from now on. If he wants America First policies, he needs solid America First staff. Plain and simple.

Should Brakey win his congressional race, Trump can count on having a solid ally in the U.S. House.

Trump will need all the help he can get.

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