Liberty Conservative Jeff Cason Wins GOP Primary to Succeed Pro-Second Amendment Champion Jonathan Stickland

There is a major void in House District 92 after liberty conservative Jonathan Stickland retired from the Texas State House last year. Stickland made a name for himself as the champion of Constitutional Carry in the Texas state legislature.

Thankfully, he will likely be replaced by someone worthy of the liberty conservative mantle.

That individual is Jeff Cason.

Cason came out victorious against his GOP opponents, Jim Griffin and Taylor Gillig, on Super Tuesday. Cason received 54.1 percent of the vote compared to Griffin’s 36.6 percent and Gilling’s 9.3 percent.

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One of the main concerns before ballots were casted was whether or not Tarrant County Republicans would vote for another tea party conservative like Jeff Cason or opt for moderates like Griffin or Gillig.

Throughout their campaigns, both Cason and Griffin garnered strong grassroots support in the local community from various organizations and local officials.

Griffin, the former Bedford mayor, received high profile endorsements from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and Texas Alliance for Life.

Cason, on the other hand, received solid endorsements from Texas Right to Life, Empower Texans, and Tarrant County Sheriff Bill Waybourn.

Cason ending up getting enough votes on the night of March 3, 2020 to conformably secure the Republican nomination without heading into a runoff.

Texas Democrats nearly took the seat in the 2018 election, when Jonathan Stickland only beat his challenger Steve Riddle by a 49.8-47.4 vote.

Jeff Whitfield, who won the Democrat primary, will be facing off against Cason in November.

House 92 will be one of the most highly anticipated races in the 2020 election cycle, given how competitive Texas has become due to changing demographics.

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