Liberty Conservative Organization Scores Big Wins During New Hampshire State Primaries

Former Maine Senator Eric Brakey celebrated victories in 34 new GOP primaries in the New Hampshire State House on September 9, 2020.

The former State Senator and congressional candidate for Maine’s second district tweeted,“@YALiberty wins 34 out of 37 New Hampshire GOP Primaries for State House through #OperationWinAtTheDoor!Thank you to all our hard-working YAL activists — like @haldawgz of Maine — who spent the last three weeks knocking doors to #MakeLibertyWin!”

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So far, YAL has secured 56 victories through its Operation Win at the Door program. The program was set up in January 2018. According to its website, its goal is “to elect 250 legislators who share our commitment to liberty.” They will accomplish this bold goal by “deploying teams of youth activists to campaigns nationwide who can knock doors and engage with voters directly.” As of now, YAL has knocked on 1.5 million doors.

YAL’s efforts in New Hampshire appear to be one of their most successful fronts. New Hampshire is one of the freest states in the country, largely thanks to its lack of an income tax and pro-gun policies such as constitutional carry.

Ever since Ron Paul left office, the libertarian movement has been somewhat fragmented and faded out of prominence. Nonetheless, it still exists in certain pockets of the country. That said, where libertarians are having most of their success is at the state and local level.

Going back to Brakey: the former Maine elected official gained recognition for his efforts to get constitutional carry passed in Maine back in 2015. Constitutional carry has been one of the hot-button issues where liberty conservatives have had a considerable impact over the last decade or so. There are now 16 states with constitutional carry.

Libertarian organizations such as YAL have recognized this trend and are shifting their attention to more local races as a means of building a solid political infrastructure from the ground up.

YAL’s model should be emulated by any serious liberty conservatives who desire long-term success in politics.

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