Liberty Conservative Senate Candidate Whacks Mitt Romney for Pro-Impeachment Vote

A New Jersey liberty conservative ripped Mitt Romney a new one for his vote to convict President Donald Trump on both articles of impeachment on February 5, 2020.

Senate candidate Hirsh Singh gave the Utah Senator a piece of his mind on Twitter:

It is quite clear, there are two types of Republicans. Those that care about their country, and those that are controlled by special interests and Democrat operatives. @realDonaldTrump is the first, Romney is the latter. Never align with those that are the latter.

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On a final vote of 52-48, President Trump was acquitted of charges of abusing power.

Similarly, he was acquitted of obstruction charges on a 53-47 vote.

Singh is a limited government, liberty conservative running against incumbent Senator Cory Booker. He previously ran for New Jersey’s 2nd Congressional District.

Unlike a lot of the conservative pundit class, Singh is taking on fiscal and Second Amendment issues that many Republicans tend to avoid.

The Senate candidate is also not afraid to call out Republicans like Romney for their treachery.

Singh understands that we are in the America First era, when generic conservative talking points and policies will not cut it against an increasingly radicalized Left.

Though his race will likely be a long-shot, liberty conservatives should still support Singh’s efforts simply because campaigns — win or lose — can still shift the Overton Window.

Singh’s campaign may just fit that description.

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