Liberty Conservative Senator Files Bill to Keep Law Enforcement out of People’s Wallets

Oklahoma State Senator Nathan Dahm recently introduced a bill that would prohibit traffic citation quotas.

This bill, SB 1264, would bar law enforcement from carrying out policies that require officers, justices or judges to comply with traffic citation quotas.

“It’s no secret that some jurisdictions may emphasize writing tickets at different times to try and generate more revenue,” Dahm stated. “Our peace officers shouldn’t be pushed by their employers to focus on writing extra tickets or collecting extra revenue from citations.”

Dahm noted the following:

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Senate Bill 1264 would prohibit any political subdivision or agency of the state to maintain, require or suggest policies that employee evaluations, promotions, compensation or discipline may be based on the issuance of a specified number of traffic citations by law enforcement officers, or the amount of revenue a court justice or judge collects from these citations.

The bill does not keep municipalities from acquiring budgetary information from the courts, including the estimates of what courts collected during a budget year, Dahm stated.

“Prohibiting quotas will allow our law enforcement officers to better serve our communities by keeping their focus on protecting our citizens, not bolstering revenue,” Dahm claimed.

Dahm continues to shine as one of the most prominent liberty conservatives in the nation.

From championing gun rights to protecting the rule of law, Dahm has established himself as a solid defender of limited government principles.

All liberty conservatives should follow Dahm and learn from his example.

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