Liberty Conservative Senator Starts Petition Against Mask Mandate

Oklahoma State Senator Nathan Dahm continues to be one of the premier liberty conservative elected officials in the country.

On July 27, 2020, he unveiled a petition against the state’s mask mandate.

On his Facebook page, he stated “Government should never force you to wear a mask. Period.”

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Government should never force you to wear a mask. Period.Sign our NO MASK MANDATE PETITION here:

Posted by Nathan Dahm on Monday, July 27, 2020

One part of his petition read “We are free people. Our body is our private property and should be treated as such.”

Dahm believes that wearing a mask should be a voluntary personal health decision that Oklahomans make on their own volition, not as a result of a government order.

Senator Dahm’s petition can be viewed here.

Dahm has made a name for himself by pushing for legislative projects that would prohibit the Oklahoma state government from enforcing gun confiscation and keep the National Guard from being deployed abroad in unconstitutional wars.

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