Liberty-Loving Pastor Chuck Baldwin Exposes the ‘Oath Keepers’ as Controlled Opposition

Former Constitution Party presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin has renounced his leadership position with the Oath Keepers due to the founder of the organization supporting shutdown tyranny amidst the coronavirus panic.

“Having read your open letter to State governors regarding the coronavirus, I have no choice but to resign my position as National Chaplain of Oath Keepers,” Baldwin wrote in his open letter to Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes announcing his resignation.

“The stated purpose of Oath Keepers is to hold accountable those who took an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution—and that includes YOU,” he added.

Rhodes called for states to lock society down and spread hysteria that turned out to be fake news in his letter to state governors released in March.

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“We urge you to be proactive, rather than reactive… We urge you to look at Italy to see what is coming. Recognize that this is a highly contagious, airborne virus that is a threat to the life of every American, that WILL overwhelm existing emergency medical services and hospitals, just as it did in Italy,” Rhodes said.

Rhodes’ doom prophecies did not come to pass, as hospitals lay off workers and are empty as the death tolls have not come close to what the experts initially predicted. This makes Rhodes pathetic groveling for tyranny even more reprehensible.

“Call on the people of your state to suspend or cancel all large public gatherings, including church services,” Rhodes said, apparently urging governors to disregard the 1st Amendment.

Rhodes used the crisis to inch the U.S. closer to martial law by urging governors to “call up your State National Guard and your state defense force/state guard to assist during this health emergency.”

Baldwin believes these kinds of sentiments are wholly unacceptable.

“Virtually every recommendation you made in your letter is an egregious violation of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. No war, no “emergency,” no sickness, no disease, no man-made or natural attack against us has any bearing against the constitutional protections of our liberties,” Baldwin told Rhodes in his letter.

“By resorting to gross fearmongering and hyperbole, you have joined the mainstream media and Big Government medical hacks in attacking virtually every constitutionally protected liberty upon which our country was founded. The “science” surrounding COVID-19 is mostly guesswork, estimation, projection, speculation, etc., with almost zero accuracy. And even if it wasn’t, it wouldn’t change the Constitution and Bill of Rights one iota,” he added.

Baldwin speculated that Rhodes might be controlled by the feds, which is why he is urging the constitutional patriots in his group to support brazen tyranny.

“I cannot see into your heart to know your motives. Do the feds have something on you and you are playing ball to stay out of trouble? Have you always been controlled opposition? Or do you really support the totalitarian nature of the “solutions” you are proposing? Only you know the answers to those questions,” Baldwin wrote.

“The one thing I do know is that I can no longer in good conscience be formally associated with Oath Keepers,” he added.

The Oath Keepers, once a liberty group that showed a lot of promise, have clearly failed in their mission to defend the Constitution.

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