Liberty Representative Andrew Lewis Leads Protest Against Governor Tom Wolf’s Small Business Shut Down

On Friday, March 20, 2020, Pennsylvania State Representative Andrew Lewis teamed up with fellow state representatives David Rowe and Aaron Bernstine to protest Governor Tom Wolf’s order mandating the shutdown of all small business in the state.

On March 19, 2020, governor Wolf issued the order to close all small businesses in the Keystone State in order to tackle the Wuhan virus crisis.

In response to this, Lewis, crafted a letter protesting this decision.

He posted it on Facebook.

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Lewis commented, “BREAKING: Tonight I teamed up with PA State Rep. David Rowe and PA State Rep. Aaron Bernstine to call on Governor Wolf to revoke his order mandating the closure of small businesses across our Commonwealth. We must approach the Coronavirus crisis in a serious and rational manner, not by shutting down the PA economy. Please read the letter we sent to the governor earlier this evening.”

Cliff Maloney, the President of Young Americans for Liberty, praised the representatives’ bold action.

He commented on Facebook:


This is why YAL exists. To build a youth army that will elect PRINCIPLED LEADERS who stand up to tyrants like Tom Wolf

Thank you for representing WE THE PEOPLE!

Kudos to Andrew Lewis, Aaron Bernstine, and David H. Rowe



The liberty representatives should be applauded.

The Wuhan virus is no laughing matter, but it does not mean that governments can just suspend civil liberties unilaterally because of a crisis.

There are more rational approaches to tackling this pandemic that involves the state, the private sector, and civil society working in synergy without having to infringe upon people’s civil liberties.

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