Local Sheriffs are Leading the Revolt Against Gun Control Tyranny

Local Second Amendment revolts are taking place in states across the nation.

Reuters reports that four states are taking gun rights into their own hand by creating “sanctuary jurisdictions”.

Counties in Illinois, Washington, Oregon, and New Mexico have declared their own forms of Second Amendment Preservation Ordinances to combat Second Amendment infringements.

The aforementioned states are under monolithic control by anti-gun forces, with solid Democratic majorities in state legislatures and Democrats holding governorships. Not only is there very little hope of pro-gun legislation ever passing, but constant gun control threats are a reality in many solid blue states.

Sixty-three municipalities in Illinois have revolted against gun control coming out of Springfield and passed their own pro-gun resolutions. In an interview with Reuters, Dave Campbell, a member of the Effingham County board said that more of these measures are likely to come about.

Campbell stated, “If they want to have their own laws, that’s fine. Don’t show them on us down here.”

The passage of Initiative 1639 in Washington, which raised the minimum age for semi-automatic rifles to 21, and expands background checks and waiting periods is encountering a similar response. Half of the state’s counties are prepared to create their own pro-Second Amendment enclaves, with five counties already passing resolutions of their own.

Oregon and New Mexico have followed suit, as 8 counties in Oregon and 29 in New Mexico passing resolutions that support sheriffs who stand up to gun control legislation.

Naturally, gun controllers are throwing a fit.

Jonathan Lowy, chief council for The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, opined that “It should not be up to individual sheriffs or police officers deciding which laws they personally like.”

This growing strategy to revolt against gun control at the state level is also catching on in states like Colorado and Maryland, which have seen their fair share of gun control bills passed.

Liberty activists are often “black pilled” into believing that standing up to legacy institutions is a losing endeavor and must accept tyranny as an inevitable outcome.

Although there is reason to believe that many federal efforts and activist endeavors in solidly blue states are exercises in futility, there are still myriad opportunities to make a difference at even lower levels of government like municipalities.

This latest push to nullify state-level gun control gives liberty-lovers a viable template to use for their activist efforts.

In politics anything is possible, and it’s only a matter of finding diamond in the rough opportunities to get the ball rolling.

Second Amendment Preservation Ordinances happen to be one of them.