Marjorie Taylor Greene Co-Sponsors Audit the Fed Bill

Marjorie Taylor Greene isn’t playing.

While the corporate press is in a total frenzy and attacking the honorable congresswoman, Greene stood up for financial accountability by co-sponsoring the “Federal Reserve Transparency Act” (H.R. 24). 

Effectively, this is the 2021 version of Audit the Fed legislation that former Congressman Ron Paul previously filed when he was in Congress.

When Greene announced her co-sponsorship of this bill on February 15, 2021, she tweeted “I’m excited to announce that I’m an original cosponsor of the “Federal Reserve Transparency Act” (H.R. 24), otherwise known as “Audit the Fed”, introduced by @RepThomasMassie of Kentucky!”

She continued, “2. H.R. 24 requires the non-partisan Government Accountability Office (GAO) to audit the financial records and decision-making correspondence of the Federal Reserve Board.”

Greene’s co-sponsorship of this bill is great news. She has already demonstrated that she’s a fighter, and now she appears to show some degree of political intelligence by taking on an issue that grassroots liberty conservatives largely approve of. 

Central banking is the economic issue of our time. It overshadows every other issue, from taxation to regulation. Not addressing the central banking question, will only leave us susceptible to the boom-and-bust cycle that destroys wealth and misallocates productive capital. Such a system wipes out any marginal gains that tax cuts and deregulation are able to bring about, and instead increases the likelihood of wealth-destroying levels of inflation to come about.

This is a vicious cycle that has to be broken. It’s good to know that Dr. Paul’s legacy of holding the Fed accountable is alive and well. Ideally, America would have the Federal Reserve abolished and let our monetary standards be determined by free market forces. However, such a goal will be difficult to attain.

One way to start is by auditing the Fed to show the public that central banking is a dirty institution that merits universal scorn. Greene gets this, thus demonstrating that she has strong liberty conservative instincts. Hopefully, the rest of her Republican colleagues follow suit.