Marjorie Taylor Greene Introduces an Immigration Moratorium Bill to Address the Current Border Crisis

Freshman congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene is quickly cementing her status as one of the premier liberty conservatives in Congress. 

She has pushed the envelope even further by recently introducing “The ‘Protect America First Act.” AllOnGeOrgia describes it as “the most comprehensive and thorough piece of border security legislation to be introduced in the 117th Congress.”

“Joe Biden is rewarding human traffickers and coyotes who smuggle illegal aliens across the border. My bill will end these Democrat-created incentives by stopping all immigration during the Biden administration. The ‘Protect America First Act’ will fund and finish the wall, defund sanctuary cities, expedite removal of illegal aliens, repeals Biden’s radical executive orders, and so much more,” declared Greene.

The “Protect America First Act” effectively establishes a 4-year moratorium on immigration and streamlines the apprehension and deportation process.

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According to AllOnGeorgia, Greene’s act will:

Ensure the safe return of unaccompanied alien children, reduces human trafficking, increases deportation for criminal aliens, and ends chain migration.

Expedite removal of illegal aliens from 3 months to 30 days.

Build the Wall and name it after President Donald J. Trump

Cut off Funding for Sanctuary Cities

Support Local Law Enforcement in their execution of immigration policy

Empower ICE to detain and deport violent criminal aliens

Revive President Trump’s Zero Tolerance Immigration Policy

Rescind President Biden’s Open Borders Immigration Executive Orders

Revoke Deferred Action on Child Aliens (DACA) and Deferred Action on Parental Accountability (DAPA)

Remove funding for Central and South American Countries whose citizens violate this Act by migrating here illegally.

Greene is coming out swinging. Most Republicans are pounding their chests about the illegal alien invasion at the border, while Greene is doing the work and crafting a solution to this problem.

If elected officials are serious about securing our border, they should immediately get behind Greene’s bill. The time for talk is over.

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