Marjorie Taylor Greene Pokes Fun of AOC for Supporting the Warfare State

Politics these days is filled with all sorts of irony. 

It used to be that the Democratic Party, or at least factions within it, could be counted on to oppose some of the US’s most controversial military adventures.

However, that tradition within the Democratic Party appears to be dead.

The latest vote on the $40 billion Ukraine military aid bill put that on full display. 

The bill was passed in the US House by a vote of 368-57 on May 10, 2022. All 57 of the representatives who voted against the legislation were Republicans.

The height of all irony. 

And yes, even the progressive “The Squad” voted for this monstrosity of a spending bill. 

Georgia Congressman Marjorie Taylor Greene quickly caught on to that and poked fun of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for her vote on this bill. 

She tweeted on May 12, “.@AOC, what is the carbon footprint of the proxy war with Russia you voted to fund?”

All joking aside, it’s fascinating to see the populist Right one-up the Left on war-related issues. It’s a sign of the crazy political times we live in where a massive realignment is taking place and redefining the political landscape.

The corporate media can denigrate and poke fun at Marjorie Taylor Greene all it wants, but it’s undeniable that she stands for the American people, not special interest groups like the military-industrial complex.

Alas, we live in an era where the chattering classes prefer globalists politicians and officials who pursue policies that undermine the Historic American Nation. 

Some people may not like Greene’s style but her dedication to order and liberty cannot be denied. She represents the new generation of right wing leadership in America who is willing to buck the status quo and downsize the managerial state.

To realize the latter, Congress will need dozens of Greenes.

That’s the simple reality of politics. It’s ultimately a numbers game.