MASSIE: $1 Billion in Federal ‘Vaccine Confidence’ Spending is Crony Capitalism Based on Lies!

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) is enraged over a Big Pharma slush fund that is being used by the federal government to promote compliance with dangerous, unproven, rushed COVID-19 vaccines.

Massie exposed the $1 billion dollar spending for “vaccine confidence,” meaning corporate propaganda designed to induce people into lining up for risky shots, in a Twitter post.

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Massie has been a critic of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for months, slamming the federal bureaucracy for misrepresenting clinical trial information pertaining to COVID-19 vaccines.

“And instead of fixing it, they proposed repeating it and just phrasing their mistake differently,” Massie said about the CDC’s implication that clinical trial data shows people who have already suffered through COVID-19 ought to be vaccinated. “So, at that point, right now, I consider it a lie. I think the CDC is lying about the efficacy of the vaccine based on the Pfizer trials, for those who have already had the coronavirus.”

Massie has also attacked Dr. Anthony Fauci, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) director, for his repeated false predictions and spreading of mass hysteria about COVID-19.

“Once you realize the personal ethical standards of policy makers like Dr Fauci and many of those at the CDC lead them to comfortably misrepresent scientific data in order to achieve public policy goals, it is not just your prerogative to question their ‘science,’ it is your duty,” Massie said.

The Kentucky lawmaker is also taking aim at CNN for echoing the proclamations of corrupt government scientists without doing even the most rudimentary fact checking:

Massie has even called out some of his fellow libertarians who have acquiesced to the Big Pharma vaccine regime.

He also enraged the haters by claiming that he would not bother getting the COVID-19 vaccine because he already had the disease, and recovered from it without much of a struggle. This is what happens to over 99 percent of individuals who contract the virus.

“I do hope a vaccine is developed soon, but I won’t be taking it,” Massie said last year.

“I’ve had the ‘rona, and I have recovered from it,” Massie said to Glenn Beck in August.

Massie is one of the few Republicans in Washington D.C. with the courage to speak out against the media pressure and call out the many lies that have went into Big Pharma’s COVID-19 vaccine push. He is intent upon protecting the right to refuse that is enshrined in the U.S. Constitution.