Matt Gaetz Bashes Meghan McCain’s Calls for Never-Ending War

America First Congressman Matt Gaetz has maintained his non-interventionist course so far, as he now backs President Donald Trump’s efforts to remove American troops from Syria.

Responding to Meghan McCain’s comments on The View, Gaetz tweeted in disagreement with McCain’s take on the Syria withdrawal.

Gaetz stated, “So the nation with “no fault” divorce is supposed to stay married to the Syrian Kurds…forever? We gave them weapons, money and training to run ISIS out of *their* region. Now we are supposed to entangle ourselves in their 400+ yr conflict w the Turks? Do we share values?”

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McCain made headlines on Monday by calling Republicans and President Trump “feckless, unpatriotic cowards” for abandoning their Kurdish allies in the region.

True to his non-interventionist course, Gaetz stood firm and made the case against continuing intervention in Syria. America cannot afford to be world police any longer and must actually focus on defending its own borders instead. Gaetz has use the same non-interventionist defense with other countries such as Iran and Venezuela.

So far in the Trump era, Gaetz has been one of the most consistent voices of a tempered foreign policy in Congress. The Florida congressman can be seen as a reliable opponent to the D.C. establishment’s fetish for never-ending wars.

Hopefully, Trump follows through with this withdrawal.

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