Mexican Cartels are Exploiting Mexico’s Lack of a Right to Bear Arms

Gun control doesn’t work.

Whether it’s implemented in the United States or Mexico, gun control works to leave law-abiding citizens defenseless. In contrast, criminals have a large power advantage now that they can target people who are disarmed.

This is particularly salient in Mexico, which has some of the strictest gun control laws in the West Hemisphere. Despite this, crime continues to rise in Mexico and illegal firearms are smuggled into the country with relative ease. Mexican drug cartels are having a field day knowing full well that they will not be facing any real resistance from the citizens they routinely terrorize.

However, a piece by Lone Star Gun Rights from last month showed that this paradigm might be changing. A number of Mexican citizens are beginning to question the merits of their country’s draconian gun control regime.

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“Let’s fight to regain our peace of mind. Today Mexico needs you,” the Mexican Association of Firearms Users proclaimed. “We must ensure the existence of our rights and a good future for our children.”

Lone Star Gun Rights observed that Mexican citizens can only purchase one handgun and a maximum of 9 long guns. Citizens must then demonstrate that they are a part of a hunting or shooting club to buy a firearm. The government’s power to regulate firearms in Mexico is quite extensive. The government prohibits gun shows and sales. On top of that, the Mexican government presides over all transactions. Gun buybacks are also in effect in Mexico, where gun owners can only resell their weapons to the government.

Even worse is the lengthy nature of background checks in Mexico. They’re not only mandatory and could last up to half a year. Legal concealed carry is also a rarity in Mexico. Mexicans must obtain another license, which is next to impossible to acquire.

The Directorate of Arms and Ammunition Sales is the only gun store in Mexico and it is run by active-duty soldiers dressed in military garb.

Due to the long waiting periods, citizens have to make multiple trips. Guns and permits are also very expensive and well beyond the financial reach of the average person. As a result of these stringent barriers to gun ownership, the gun store in the country used to sell a mere 38 firearms per day.

This is a terrible scenario for a country that is being besieged by drug cartels and other criminal groups who don’t follow Mexican drug cartels. 85 percent of all firearms in Mexico are illegal and have been involved in over 100,000 deaths during the past decade.

Julian LeBaron, a Mexican-American whose family members were brutally murdered during a cartel ambush, believes lawful Mexicans should be allowed to arm themselves.

“Every person should have the means to defend themselves, especially if authorities don’t have the power to stop the crimes – especially organized crime. It becomes a vicious cycle,” LeBaron said to Fox News.

While tweaks in gun policy will not magically fix Mexico’s crime problems, liberalizing gun laws are a sensible measure to give lawful Mexicans a chance against violent drug cartels.

American Second Amendment activists who have Spanish-speaking skills could provide Mexicans with some pointers on political organization and changing the country’s laws. Given Mexico’s proximity to the U.S., American liberty conservative should take interest in having a stable Mexico.

One step in securing it is by educating receptive Mexican audiences on the benefits of firearm ownership.

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