Mississippi Welfare Director Busted For Largest Embezzlement Scandal In State History

According to post by Sovereign Man Explorer at Zero Hedge, the former director of Mississippi’s Department of Human Services, John Davis, was arrested for the embezzlement of millions of dollars from welfare funds. Some of these funds were sent to a former WWE wrestler who was allegedly being compensated to lead classes on drug abuse. In reality, the money was actually going towards the wrestler’s own drug rehabilitation program.

In fact, the wrestler never taught a class. According to the auditor’s office, Davis and another DHS employee fabricated invoices to pay Brett DiBiase — an ex-pro wrestler who later became a DHS employee — with money that was supposed to go to needy people. DiBiase is the son of former pro wrestler Ted DiBiase.

The embezzled funds were also shifted to other co-conspirators through their businesses by using fake documents and signature forgery.

This issue isn’t just confined to Mississippi. The stolen cash came from a federal grant for state welfare programs.

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The amount of money stolen is still being determined. However, over $30 million tax dollars were allocated to the Mississippi Community Education Center. The mother-son team who own and operate the center have been arrested and charged with fraud.

This incident does raise the question of the frequency of fraud that goes down with federal grants.

The odds are likely high because when the government has so much money at its disposal, such corruption should be expected to occur.