More Dead People are Receiving Wuhan Virus Stimulus Checks

According to a report from the Gruntstuff, federal stimulus checks to assist those negatively impacted by the Wuhan virus have been sent to dead people.

Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie brought attention to this bizarre case of government misallocation of resources on Twitter.

In this case, Massie highlighted how his friend’s father received a $1,200 check. But here’s the catch, his father died in 2018.

“Okay that is insane, however simply the tip of the iceberg,” Massie tweeted. “This can be a direct textual content to me from a buddy. I known as to verify this really simply occurred.”

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Scott Salaske, a monetary adviser, also tweeted that his acquaintance received an additional $1,200 in stimulus funds for his deceased partner, who also died in 2018.

Another Twitter user, Scott Gustin, claimed that $1,200 was deposited into his grandmother’s checking account who died in 2018.

Massive spending programs are likely filled with all sorts of graft. That’s the nature of big spending bills.

There’s a reason why elected officials like Massie are in office. They serve the purpose of holding the government accountable and exposing spending malfeasances. The more these kinds of politicians are elected, the better.

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