More than Half of Americans aren’t Confident in the Biden Administration’s Ability to Vet Afghan Migrants

Over 50% of Americans are “not” confident about the Biden administration’s ability to screen thousands of Afghans who It’s resettling according to a recent Pew Research Center survey. 

In this survey, 55% of American adults — especially 83% of Republicans and individuals who lean Republican— have no confidence in the Biden administration’s ability to properly screen about 95,000 Afghans that it’s attempting to import stateside over the course of the next year in 46 states. 

Roughly 27% of Americans expressed their total lack of confidence in the federal government’s process to vet Afghan refugees. An additional 28% said they are “not at all confident” in the vetting process. 

Even among registered Democrats and those who lean Democrat there is a sizable minority of people who don’t have much confidence in the vetting process. Over 30% don’t have confidence in the vetting of Afghans.

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By contrast, 12% of Americans stated they are “very confident”  in how Afghans are being vetted before being resettled in the U.S. 31% stated they are “somewhat confident.”

On top of that, the Pew Research survey discovered that the majority of Republicans  — 63% to be exact — are in opposition to the Biden administration’s plan to import tens of thousands of Afghans to the U.S. to be resettled. These include 65% who identify as “conservatives” and 60% identify as “moderates.” Just 35% of Republicans support resettling Afghans in America. 

Despite populist opposition to Biden’s immigration policies, especially refugee resettlement, 18 Republican governors have expressed their support for resettling migrants in their states. John Binder of Breitbart News listed off the GOP governors who support resettlement:

South Carolina’s Henry McMaster

Maryland’s Larry Hogan

Massachusetts’ Charlie Baker

Utah’s Spencer Cox

Georgia’s Brian Kemp

Arkansas’ Asa Hutchinson

Arizona’s Doug Ducey

Iowa’s Kim Reynolds

Oklahoma’s Kevin Stitts

Vermont’s Phil Scott

Alabama’s Kay Ivey

Idaho’s Brad Little

Indiana’s Eric Holcomb

Montana’s Greg Gianforte

Nebraska’s Pete Ricketts

New Hampshire’s Chris Sununu

Ohio’s Mike DeWine

Tennessee’s Bill Lee

Every single one of these Republicans must be primaried. Republicans who support the demographic displacement of the American people must pay the price for their treachery. The 2022 midterms offer a great opportunity for liberty conservatives to discipline bad politicians.

The easiest way to do so is by calling out these governors’ immigration track record and continuously hitting them for their dereliction of duty to serve the Historic American Nation.

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