National Border Patrol Council President Warns that Cartels Will Completely Control Border Once Title 42 Ends 

National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd recently said that drug cartels will have “complete control” of the southern border once the Title 42 public health order to deport illegal aliens is allowed to expire on May 23. 

Fox News anchor Dana Perino asked Judd about a“worst-case scenario” that could emerge once Title 42 expires. Judd responded by stating “that we just don’t have anybody in the field, that we just can’t patrol the border.”

Judd claims that the Border Patrol system has insufficient capacity owing to how border agents’ time and resources will be overstretched as they process asylum-seeking illegal aliens. In these cases, Border Patrol agents will either be assessing their claims or deporting them to their countries of origins. 

“When you look right now, we already start our shifts with 50 percent of our resources not even performing enforcement activities,” Judd remarked. “They’re in administrative duties. Once this explodes, we’re going to have nearly 100 percent of our people doing administrative duties rather than enforcement duties.”

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“That’s going to give complete control to the cartels. That’s a scary situation to be in,” Judd continued. 

Title 42 is a Wuhan virus era policy that the Trump administration implemented in March 2020 to rapidly deport illegal aliens on public health grounds. 

Thus far, Title 42 has been used to expel over 1.7 million illegal aliens at the US-Mexico border during the past two years. This order is set to expire on May 23.

Per a report by Rita Li of Epoch Times, US border officials had encounters with over 234,000 illegal aliens at the southern border in April. 96,908 of these illegal alien encounters were deported to Mexico under Title 42.

Li revealed shocking information about the US’s annual deportation rates:

The country’s annual deportations have fallen dramatically under Biden. In the 2021 financial year, 59,011 illegal immigrants were deported, compared to about 185,884 in 2020 and 267,258 in 2019, according to data released by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

This, not the Russo-Ukrainian War, is the crisis with existential implications for the US. Let’s face it, the biggest threat to the US is the pro-open borders elite perched in DC that wants to import millions upon millions of culturally incompatible migrants to the US. 

This deluge of migrants will invariably transform the nation along cultural and political lines, thus making it impossible to maintain its national character. More importantly, liberty conservatives would have an impossible task of realizing their political project in such a post-national political next. 

That’s why it’s so crucial for liberty conservatives to get the mass migration question right.